Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My sister's new car...

Interior design...

Lee's family also welcomes a new member named Ah Bie...

She is now almost three months old. I learn some basic skills to take care of dogs.

She still cannot take solid food as she is still young. Now, she is trained to bath with cold water so she won't be too much of a trouble when she grows up.

She only has a meal at 6pm and snack at 12noon. She can't eat a lot or her stomach will be bloated.

We are not allowed to pay too much attention to her, or she will be very 'manja' in the future.

Taking care of a dog carries responsibilities. But my sister is very happy with Ah Bie. :-)So do I. Welcome Ah Bie.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Battle of Cars

Battle of cars - Honda and ToyotaVS
Which car is better? Honda VTEC or Toyota G? Both cars cost almost the same. Honda VTEC is only RM3000 more expensive than Toyota.



Honda VTEC
1. The interior is not wood like Toyota but some sort of metallic material.
2. The space is more spacious than Toyota Vios G.
3. The engine is created with new technology therefore the quality and durability of it is still not a certainty.
4. Lower second hand value when compared with Toyota.
5. Most importantly, the spare parts and maintenance of Honda is NOT EXPENSIVE in Malaysia anymore. A new Honda factory has recently opened in Melaka, therefore the cost has dramatically reduced.

Toyota VIOS G
1. Engine is old technology, therefore reliable.
2. Higher second-hand value than Honda.
3. Affordable maintenance and spare parts.

Both cars are equally attractive. So which cars to choose?

In the end, it'll finally depend on the users themselves.

As for my sister, she chooses Honda City VTEC.

Congrats sis, for your new car!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch Me Now

OMG! I finished the above series several days ago and I am still thinking about it!

The series is so so so captivating. Everyday for two weeks, after back from school, I immediately downloaded the latest episode which only take an hour and I would be having my late lunch while watching the series.

The earliest part is the best part. However, as the series progresses, it gets a bit mundane, with not much action. So it is not surprising that the ratings do not get as high as D.I.E (another TVB series).

But I still love this series.

Why is it so interesting for me? Mostly because of Damian Lau.

He's old, but he knows how to act! He has hold so many roles and he did them all so well.

So I look his bio up in the net.

He is born in the year of the ox. Same with me.

He is a Roman Catholic. Same with me.

He is a Libra. Again same with me.

Then I read somewhere that he acted in a gospel series named "New Born". The series is about Christianity as well as appreciating the new born babies. So I downloaded the series, and as expected, he is superb.

I love him! :-p

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Starting My New Life

I arrived Jia Yi's house at 1300 on Friday, 9 May 2008.

Her house will be my shelter for 8 weeks.

At night, her parents were back from work and they greeted me warmly - "Make yourself at home," they both said.

And so I do.

The house is very near everywhere. In 5 minutes (sometimes less) bike journey, I can go to
1. Digi Specialized Store - to pay my bills
2. Shell Petrol Statin - to feed my bike
3. Photostat shop - open till 10pm, the cheapest around Pandan Indah (according to Jia Yi)
4. The Store - shopping centre
5. Dozens of eating outlets - for my stomach

So, all my basic necessities can easily be fulfilled.

And the school that I am going to for practicum is just 15 minutes drive away. Carrefour Ampang is also around that length.

Tomorrow morning - first day of practicum.

*heart thumping, palm sweating*

Saturday, May 3, 2008

DiGi Edge

In preparation for practicum, I signed up for DiGi EDGE and bought a new EDGE/GPRS USB stick.

The USB stick is made by HuaWei which according to my friend is one of the well-sought companies by fresh engineers like Intel. So, I guess the quality should be good. I bought it for RM450.

The DiGi EDGE Unlimited Plan costs RM66 permonth.

Why DiGi EDGE? For a month, I have been reading on all the available forums on Maxis Broadband, Celcom Broadband and DiGi EDGE.

Maxis Broadband is the first to be out from my list - when 9 out of 10 people complained of its service. Slow. Sometimes, can't even surf website. Then has contract of 18 months. A lot of people wish to terminate but are bonded with the contract. Poor them. Oh, and it has a limit of 3GB for surfing.

Celcom Broadband. I was already seriously planning to buy this. 5 out of 10 people said Celcom Broadband is good. I'm not sure whether it has limited downloading for 3GB like Maxis or not. The information I found in the net differs from one to another. So, I was planning to sign up liao, when a Celcom broadband agent (relative of mine), encourages me not to do so. There seems to be some complains on the speed of Celcom Broadband. Besides, when an agent itself told me not to sign up for Celcom, I pun cabut.

DiGi EDGE. So, it's DiGi in the end. DiGi EDGE does not have limited download (yes, you can download as much as you can!) but the only disadvantage is its slow speed. Since it is only EDGE and not 3G (Maxis and Celcom), the maximum speed it can reaches is 40Kb/s. However, DiGi company will launch their 3G Broadband in October this year, so one can expect them to improve their service.

In three days, I have downloaded a total amount of 1GB using DiGi EDGE. Imagine if there is a limit of 3GB - I can only use it to online for a week! DiGi EDGE is also the cheapest among the three, but you have to buy the USB stick and is not provided like Maxis and Celcom. DiGi also allows you to terminate the internet service anytime you want.

The connection of DiGi EDGE is stable and reliable as it claims to be. Though sometimes it is slow, the page will open sooner or later, it is just a matter of time. Most of the time however, the connection is around 30Kb/sec. It even has connectivity in Sarikei - any places that have DiGi line, then you can online.

I need internet in my life. DiGi EDGE has fulfill my needs with minimal cost.

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