Friday, July 4, 2008

Thanks Jimmy

I seldom go and read other people's crap in their blogs, but some are must-visit blogs.

Jimmy's 'titleless' blog is one of those that I go frequently. People, for his blog link, see my blog list - Jimmy Tang.

And lately, his entry is totally awesome. He puts some old pictures and it makes me so nostalgic. Here are some of the pictures that I have 'stolen' from his blog.

I love and enjoy all the camps that I have joined...

During after-SPM holiday, I used to start my day with a morning mass, breakfast, then go back home sleep.
Where I learn that my acting is really terrible. Christmas act.

After seeing all those pictures, my instinct was to grab my photo album and relive the old memories. But I am currently not at home, where my photo album is placed. *must remember to look at my old pictures during September holiday*

My phone just vibrates. It's Amek aka Yieng Ching's birthday today. Happy birthday dear!

And night to all. I have a long day tomorrow. God bless all!

Two More Fridays

I will end my practicum after two more Fridays.

I can't believe that I will be saying this - but I am so going to miss my life during practicum.

I have settled down quite comfortably, feeling very much at home. I have also get used to teaching and am having fun in learning different ways to tackle students' problem.

I go to church every Sunday at Taman Maluri. After church I will always stop by at Jusco Taman Maluri, which is a great place to shop. I go to TESCO Ampang at least once a week to buy my necessities. Jia Yi's family also occasionally bring me to wonderful places to eat and sightseeing. Her little sister, Jia Xin has been bringing a lot of laughter in me with her innocence. Food is not a problem as I eat with the family. And I love the Streamyx connection that the wonderful family allows me to use.

At school - I get to know some really great teachers that inspire me a lot. The other practicum teachers are very friendly and we get along really well. I am having a good relationship with all my students, I even find 'one little sister' because she looks almost the same like me. Most importantly, I am going to miss the moments with Hafith when we discuss the lesson plan and joke with each other. We seem to gain some pretty strong bond throughout this practicum, whether it will last when we are back to UKM, is yet to be known.

So can you see why I am quite sad that all these comfort are coming to an end soon?

I am going to say goodbye to Ampang in two Fridays time. I'm am going to find it very hard to let go but oh well, life goes on.

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