Friday, August 22, 2008


People, people,

Do visit

I keep laughing until the end of the blog.

Yeah, Jeanette, it was a great night. Thanks to you all. CSSUKM rocks!

Petrol, petrol, petrol

Yeah, starting from tomorrow, petrol price is RM2.55! (Not low enough!)

For the past three weeks, my petrol consumption has been RM20 per week.

No, I am not driving a car. I am not that rich.

I drive an EX5 Honda bike. Why it has reach such staggering consumption of petrol is still confusing me.

Hopefully, will the decrease in petrol price, everyone will be happy. Except Anwar maybe...

Monday, August 4, 2008


Her period is late for one week now.

It was never late before...except for once, but even then, it was late for only five days.

Never a week like this time.

She also has not feel any pre-symptoms of period that she usually will have - slight discomfort at her stomach, bad mood, constantly feeling hot.

If this continues, next week, she will have to do medical check-up to know what is wrong. And to discover if the expectation is correct.

*cross fingers*

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