Sunday, October 26, 2008

Earn Your Money!

I checked my email and noticed an email from Joyce. She suggested me to join a website called YouthSays.

So, I entered the website to browse through. Apparently, answering several surveys will earn you several cents. I thought that it was worth a try. However, when I tried to log in, the website requested my full name and my ic and my phone number! Those are like the three most important info that shouldn't be shared in the net!

But the thought of earning money by answering a few surveys are tempting. So I went to Google and 'googled' the website. There has been no report on stolen identity through the website. As a matter of fact, the website was promoted in TheStar newspapers some time ago. One can also check on the website' owner and read his blog.

So, sensing everything was ok, I signed up. And I answered several surveys. My income has now reached to RM0.65! Not bad for a day work, just by clicking.

Anyway, for those who wish to join the website, please do. It is easy money to earn. To enter the website, do you notice this thing on the lower right corner of my blog?
Yeap, when you point your cursor over it, it will become something like this.
Just click on it, and you will be directed to their website. Sign up and start earning cents! Or simply click from the link in my first paragraph.

Oh, by the way, if you click from my post, you are helping me to earn Rm0.20. Thanks for help!

On the other hand, I love this picture. Since 2008 is coming to an end soon, I awarded this picture The Most Favourite Picture 2008 in my life. LOL. The picture is great, the heading is greater but the memories we shared are the greatest.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Definitely A Night To Remember

It was Brenda's birthday.

Me, Conn and Gnet (yes, you are very much included) cracked our heads to think of evil plans to 'bully' Brenda.

Afterall, Brenda is the youngest, the manja-est, the cutest among us all. So it is only right to bully such people. No?

Anyway, we thought of lots of evil plans. And we had so much fun that night. I remember laughing so hard that tears trickled out from my eyes and there was pain in my stomach because not enough air in my body (busy laughing so no time to breath).

Well, I can't write well enough. But do read HERE. Because Gnet, once again, put everything into wonderful writing!

On the other hand, I guess I won't be updating my blog for a long long time. But I will continue reading others' blogs! It is a way to keep in touch ma... This is because I will be quite busy with lots of things that are coming into my life soon.

So do keep in touch!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sushi King

The bonanza Sushi King was here!

It started from 13 October to 16 October 2008 (Mon to Thurs).

I went with Tiew Mee and Amy to MidValley to meet up with Akee while eating sushi on Tuesday. The line was very long! After an hour, we were finally seated. And sadly, not a lot of choices are available at that particular Sushi King outlet.

On Wednesday night, it was with some of the CSSUKM excos! At Alamanda! The service was way better and lots of choices are available. We ate till very very full and very very satisfied.
The boss at the Sushi King Alamanda is super nice to us too. He treated us an extra plate!
All this for only RM2 per plate!

On Thursday afternoon, I went again with Jia Yi to Alamanda Sushi King. More choices are available! Since it was in the afternoon, less peop;e were there.
I ate plates and plates of this - Ebi Prawn. My favourite! For only RM2!

Three days in a row of Sushi King. And now...I'm broke.

Not Any Normal Day

I thought my birthday will be like any normal day.

I thought on that day, life will go on as usual.

I know that I am only one of the millions and millions of people out there and I am insignificant when compared to the world.

But just when you least expected it, it turns out to be a great day.

I slept early, around 130am after replying all the birthday greetings from friends. *My wish for all those senders, may what you wish to me, occur to you guys as well!*

Then at 630am, I heard my roommate was talking to someone in the room, right next to my bed! First, I was a bit irritated - I dislike strangers to see me sleeping. I opened my eyes to see who the person was...

Presto! My whole room was lit with candles! I saw Amy and Tiew Mee standing next to my bed and they started to sing Happy Birthday song! The day was still dark, so my room looked really pretty, the atmosphere really touching! After singing, they asked me to blow out each and every candles. They had put candles on the top of the cupboard, on the window, on the table and chair, so I had to go around the room to blow each of the candles!

Then they took out Pringles and one big box of ice cream to eat. So with our empty stomach, we all sat down and eat ice-cream. *after that, I got stomachace the whole day!*

But it was the best birthday I ever had. The time and effort that they had spent to plan all this means a lot to me. Thanks Tiew Mee, Amy and Jia Yi! I 'baru' realize our friendship has been 12 years old! That is one solid friendship!


I called my dad.
Me : Hello dad, bla bla bla...
Dad : Bla bla bla...
Me : Oh, by the way, today is my birthday.
Dad : (long silence)....Oh, ya hoh. I forgot!
Me : Dad, can I request a birthday present?
Dad : Oh, happy birthday to you ah. (my dad a bit pekak :-p)
Me : No dad, can I request a birthday present?
Dad : Oh, I do not have any present for you oh.
Me : No dad, can I ask you to buy something for me as a birthday present?!?
Dad : Oh...OHH. What do you want?

Yeap, I am one muka tebal girl...

I request my dad to sponsor half of the 'fund' needed for me to buy a new erhu. He agrees! So a new erhu coming up!


With CSSUKM excos. Joyce that night was super crazy. She suspected that she took wrong medication. Possibly! LOL. After mass and dinner and a cake, we went to MetroPoint for karoake session. And we sang, we screamed, we jumped, we waved, we did all kinds of stupid things! Oh well, didn't I mention earlier in my post that I have a bunch of super crazy friends?

It was one tiring day when it started as early as 630am and only ended at 2am the next day. It was, however, a wonderful day. A day when I look around and see that I am blessed to be surrounded by friends. A day to notice that I am a year older and to be thankful with what I have. A day of reflection on the things that had happened in this one short year.

And a day when I realised that I am not insignificant afterall.

Thank you to all those who have played such a part in making my birthday celebration such a blast! It is at the moment, the best birthday celebration I ever had. God bless you all!

*There are some pictures but the pictures are not with me now. If I feel like it, I might post the pictures up. See how la.*

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Langkawi anyone?

Lately, my mind has been very busy with lots of 'brilliant' ideas on where to go/visit/sightseeing.

And to have a bunch of crazy friends that are always ever so ready to go makes all the planning worthwhile.

Like Conn said last night, "It is when I am with you guys I get to try so many new stuff!"

So, with my crazy friends, I have ventured to Genting Highlands, Sushi King, Melaka, Cheras, temples and all the gatherings to many different places have been super fun. We do a lot of silly stuff and when we talked about it, we 'memang' will laugh till 'perut pecah'. Play golf, Sunway Lagoon, KLCC bridge, Port Dickson camp are next to come. And many more!

Anyway, I was browsing around when I see that 3 days and 2 nights stay at Langkawi (flight included) is only RM250. My mind starts to run fast on who to 'ajak'. It was cheap! My roommate who has been to Langkawi numerous time agrees with me.

So people, Langkawi anyone? The date I'm thinking of is next sem study week. 13 to 15 April 2009. Please, please, have a last gathering before I graduated.

*currently thinking of purposely failing a subject so that I can extend one more semester to be with my crazy friends.* *SLAP FACE! Wake up from the ridiculous thought!*

Ah well, like my so many other plans, this might fail or it might be a reality. Anyway, memories that I have with you guys can last for a lifetime. *the pictures that we took eats up all my hard disk space!*

Ok, stop being emo.

Back to my question, Langkawi anyone?

Dreaming Away

I wish...

Oh, how I wish...

And I am determine to make my wish comes true.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amazing Race

On 11 October 2008, I joined Amazing Race with four friends, so there were five members in a group. It was organized by Tiew Mee's church.
After registration, we were still very excited with the upcoming race. So we decided to shoot photos.Five MYVIs for each of us! No, we did not drive one car each during the race. We were just fooling around and took pictures.

Soon, it was time to start our race. Some of the obstacles that we faced:

1. We were given five barcode numbers and to look for the objects at Billion Supermarket Semenyih. We only found one. The team leader took a pity on us and let us go when all other teams had already left.

*In this task, one of us was asked by someone, "Hello, are you playing the amazing race? Which tv station are you from?" After reassuring that we are not from any tv station, she proceeded to ask, "Oh, where is the camera hiding?" -_- ||*

2. Then, we proceed to KFC Kajang and were given a list of questions, like what is the phone number of Dental Care Clinic? What shop has the registration number of 573629-M? Again, it was hard! We spent one hour and a half to answer all the questions correctly.

3. Kajang commuter is next. We were to 'naik' from Kajang station, went to Serdang, then came back Kajang again. Meanwhile, we were given a list of IQ questions to answer. I could not contribute anything since everything is in Chinese...

4. Then we went to Tong Shen to have lunch. Part of the task - we must eat!

5. Metro Kajang was next. We received several cut-off pictures and to find the whole picture. We finished the task quite fast too, since the public gave much cooperation.

6. We went to MetroPoint next to play bowling. We should scored 60 points per game, but we only scored 49 points (My balls masuk longkang twice!). So we were punished to wait for 11 minutes.

7. We then went to a football field somewhere. A football player will kick a ball and we must save seven balls out from ten balls. We won the task! So we no need to chew on four hard sugarcanes.

8. We went to Casa Villa apartment swimming pool. Nope, the task is not water-related. Instead, we were given things to eat. Like a box of tauhu raw, two big white onions, two big red chilies, one cup of really yucky green drink, dried bread, chocolate liquid and RAW PIG INTESTINES! We chewed, chocked and gurgled.

9. Then we went back to our starting place and the race is finished!
We are in the seventh place out from ten teams. Not bad. At least not last. Haha...

The five pairs of legs that had ran, jumped and walked for the whole day during the race.

There was a small party waiting for us when we reach back to the church. But how can I eat after consuming all the revolting things??

Being in the race enlights me a lot. I am a fan of Amazing Race Asia AXN and is rooting for the Malaysian teams. I grew impatient when teams made mistakes. Now, I realized how hard it is to actually been in a race.

Plus, my group consists of students from Education Faculty - we are all teacher trainees. And they are so fun to be with and crazy. They joke, laugh, and talk non-stop throughout the race. Where do they get the energy from? We are definitely the most boisterous group that day!

It was truly an amazing race.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Tonight is one busy night.

It first started off with Hailey messaging me to fetch him from Zaba to Pusanika for CSS fellowship since there was no bus. So I stopped practicing my erhu, left the room half an hour earlier than expected and went to Zaba.

Then, I was to show the road to Pusanika to Father George who is coming to the CSS fellowship tonight. So at 730pm sharp, I waited at the UKM entrance door.

Cars zoomed by. I strained to see if it is a brown Saga and the plate number is XXXX. My eyes blurred, I started to get headache by watching the cars sped by. Twenty minutes of waiting, and soon Father George arrived.

A very interesting fellowship soon started. After the fellowship, Conn 'ajak' me to go to the jamuan at Zaba. Free food! So I 'bawa' Gnet and we were on the way to Zaba when suddenly my motorbike died.

Just like that. I was driving 40 km/hour and then my whole engine just died.

So I pushed my bike. And pushed. And pushed.

And Gnet walked by my side. And walked. And walked.

To Burhan College.

Gnet made a call to Conn, and she came to meet us.

A 24 hour mechanic soon came and fixed my bike. Hours passed. Still no sign of my bike's resurrection.

As it was getting really late, Conn sent Gnet back. Conn then came back to accompany me, she was too worried leaving me all alone there. Fifteen minutes later, my bike was fixed!


But it cost me a whooping RM140!

Money doesn't really matter because on that night, I learned something more precious.

I learned that Conn and Gnet are truly wonderful friends. Despite the many mosquitoes biting Gnet's legs and her craving for Horlick cakes at the jamuan, she does not complain but stays with me. Conn could go back Zaba and enjoyed the free jamuan, but choose to stay with me instead.

So people, I am blessed to have these two wonderful friends in my life.

Thanks Gnet. Thanks Conn.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yeap, yeap. The sakai me had been to Bangsar some time ago.

And I went there in the company of some really crazy friends so it was super fun.

Gnet has written a very good post on it. Read it here!

Thanks Gnet, for always putting good memories into good writing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

15 Weird Things

Gnet asks me to do on 15 weird things about me. So here it goes.

1. I dislike drinking lots of water. And this is because I am lazy to go to the toilet. Somehow, I feel that going to the toilet is a waste of time. (But I can spend hours playing computer games...) Therefore to prevent going to the toilet frequently, I naturally drink less water. Weird ah?

2. I talk really fast. So fast that I had seen students gaping at me in the classroom, trying to catch my words. And when I stopped a while, smiled sweetly and said, "Class, am I going too fast?" A thunderous reply - "YES!!"

3. I drive really fast. Minah Rempit, that's what some people called me. But I would like to object. Minah Rempit connotes those who drive dangerously and I drive very safely. VERY SAFELY. Selamat...dan cepat.

4. My heart melts when sees someone sleeping. Humans or animals, when I see someone / something sleeping, my heart melts and I feel abundance of love and care comes rushing through. I will start tip-toeing and doing everything quietly.

5. I am a nervous freak. I am always scared that I will miss the bus, I will lost my way, I will be late to a function etc etc. This is proven in Genting trip when I was worrying on lots of stuff but the other crazy friends like Brend, Con and Cyril make it all right for me.

6. When I do not get enough sleep, I become grumpy. I won't smile in class, ignore everyone. And I will speak only when spoken. Grumpy me...

7. To be continue - got class now.

Ah Bien

One of the things that I am really looking forward to when I went back to Kuching for Raya is my sister's dog, Ah Bien.

The last time I saw her, she was only this big. For my previous blog entry, click here.

Then she is this big!
That 'kaki berbulu' is not mine. It belongs to my brother.

Wow...And she is really a beauty. Her fur is so so so soft and I enjoy patting her. And pulling her bushy tail.

Most of the evening, my brother and I will bring her for a walk. I am always amazed by her ability to have limitless urine and excrement. She pees and shits everywhere during the walk.
Doesn't she look cute in a big pail?

Missing Ah Bien already...

Double Degree

These several months are the most exciting months I ever have. I used to think that as my age increases, my ability to learn will get worse. However, in these months, I learn to read Chinese characters and play erhu. And I enjoyed the fact that I can still learn new things and it makes my life meaningful.

In April, I will be graduating in B. Ed TESL after six years of studying. Knowing very well how time seems to fly by, I am certain that the month of April will arrive very soon, sooner than I expected.

What should I do next?

I am still young. The ability to learn new things does make me feel young. :-p

I finished my practicum several months ago. The practicum had made me do some soul searching and I realized that I want to be more than just a teacher.

After the practicum, I started to search over the net for master programme in education. I even made a few calls to BPG to inquire about this matter. I was advised to gain some teaching experience first. I also received a list of master programmes in education to pursue on. I realized that I looked at the list without much enthusiasm and was unsure of which to take.

All I know is that I want to learn and study more. But on what?

Then, my brother’s house faces some problems and this leads to several meetings with lawyers. I see how important it is then to have some knowledge in law.

So why not degree in law next?

I believe in my ability to study and memorize facts. Therefore, I plan to take my second degree in law. I plan to do this independently, without my parents’ financial guidance. I am planning to start immediately after I have my first salary. Since I have a five years bond with the government, I hope that when the bond expires, I will have the choice either to be a teacher or to be something else.

Everything is just my plan. Who knows something will happen in July and my plans are changed? But currently, my desire to take degree in lawyer is burning strongly. This post is to remind me from time to time how I am feeling and thinking at this very moment. I am going to pursue my second degree.

Learning is for a lifetime.

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