Monday, April 27, 2009

I evol ot kniht

I ssim eht yrarbil. I did ton evah hguone tser tsal thgin sa I deyats pu etal ot kcap ym sgniht otni sexob.

Os siht gninrom, I ekow pu htiw ehcadaeh dna dediced ton ot og ot eht yrarbil.

Ni eht noonretfa, I ssim eht yrarbil. I dluoc ton yduts ni eht moor dna dehsiw taht I saw ni eht yrarbil.

Ho llew, I lliw og worromot neht. Tub tahw a etsaw of eno yad!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam Week

Now is the exam week. It is the time when people should bury their noses in their books.

Because *some people* have been telling me not to disturb them during exam week, I bought dozens of instant noodles, expecting lonely lunches and dinners.

Those dozens of instant noodles are still in my cupboard.

I should know earlier that they need to eat too despite busy with their studying. So I ended up still going out to have lunch or dinner with them.

Anyway, these few days I stayed in the library. It had been very hot days lately, and my hostel room is not conducive enough for me to study, to sleep, or to play computer games.

So I stayed the whole day in the library. With the makciks. The air conditioner is a blessing during hot days.

So there were times when we were too boring in the library. Or a sudden craving for munching stuff.

We 'seludup' food into the library though it is not allowed.

We played simple games when we were bored studying.

Today is damn hot again. I miss the library.

p/s There were some matters that had been bothering me for days. During one of the laughing sessions with the 'makciks', I suddenly realised that I should be enjoying the present, and not the past. So damn all those memories. It is the present that matters.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I spend the whole day in the library today studying for the coming exam.

Yes, I am proud of myself. :-p

I went with Brenda at 10am. And stayed until the library almost closed.

I was in deep concentration studying when I heard Brenda started to mumble to herself. That is normal since I know that different people have different learning styles.

Then, I started to pay attention to what she was mumbling. My, it was interesting. :-p

Some of the stuff she mumbled.

"Oh, I see..."

"Like that.."

"Ok, ok"

"...(mumble indistinctly)..."

"let's try this over again..." followed by rigorous rubbing with an eraser.

She is very animated. LOL

She continued to mumble.
"Brenda!" (calling her own name!)

"Oh, stupid!"

"Stupid me!"

At that very moment, I wished that I was not in the library.

Because it would have made me feel so good to shout at her...

"You memang stupid ma! You don't know meh? Stupid your head ah!" LOL

No offense, but that is simply the way we usually talk. Or is it the way I talk?

Love you still, Brenda.

Happy exam to all!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am Despondent

I am despondent.

I received news that did not make my world any brighter.

I was fidgeting throughout the Mass, praying that I will make the right decision.

Half of me is willing to let go. The other half of me is not able to let go.

The memories seem like still fresh. I thought time will make everything alright. It does not. Time makes everything worse.

I keep thinking, "What could I do to make things better?" "What should I do next?"

I can't find the answer.

All I know, see and taste is the emptiness in me.

Yes, I am despondent.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Wish I Have One More Year...

The last year in UKM has been the most fulfilling year in my life. I was busy running here and there - with outdoor activities, society activities and assignments. As I sat down and reflected over my experience in this one year, I am satisfied as these was the time that was most well spent in my life. Yes, definitely most well spent.

I wish I have one more year in UKM.

But I can't as I am bonded in my studies. I need to work as soon as I graduate. I would have like to continue my studies in Master full-time in UKM but this is impossible.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would learn more about different Chinese instruements in Orchestra Traditional UKM.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would join the Ballroom Dance UKM.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to serve CSS longer.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to visit the places that I have not visited yet.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to get to know more new friends through activities.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I could not leave my crazy friends. Yet. It's too soon. It's too fast. We have just started our journey together. Our memories together are just too few and not enough.

I desperately wish I have one more year in UKM.

Because in 26 days, there are some people that I might never see again in my life. Because in 26 days, there are some people that I won't be seeing in regular basis. Because in 26 days, I am saying goodbye to the things and people that matter to me.

I damn wish I have one more year in UKM.

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