Monday, March 16, 2009

A Holiday to Remember

Last weekend was great.

I know I have lots of things to do this week, but I decided to DUMP everything, and went for a trip with my crazy friends.

To Cameron Highlands.

The place that I had wanted to go ever since I was small.

Putting all the assignments and practices behind, ten of us embarked on a trip.

There were lots of sight-seeing, lots of food and lots of fun - especially at night before we went to sleep. LOL.

On Sunday late afternoon, we traveled back to Puduraya. I slept for several hours and then I woke up. Naturally, I looked out of the window, I saw the dark sky - it was raining / drizzling. And suddenly I felt an ache in my heart.

Ache for getting back to a place where works await. Ache for after having so much fun, it is HARD to get back to a normal life.

And a painful ache and sadness for knowing this could be the last trip I took with the SS group.

I have not spend enough time with you people.

You all make me a better person.

You all help me to pick up pieces of my heart and glue it back.

You all teach me to laugh all the time.

You all show me what cincai means.

You all are so DAMN generous with love and hugs.

It is hard to think and wait for the day when I know we will be seperated and I will miss you all like crazy.

55 days left.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm looking...

I'm looking at the pile of works I have to get it done, and I sighed.

I already start studying for CA test, which is on 17 March since I won't have the time to do so next week.

I need to call some of the CSS juniors to pass the nomination forms to them. Tonight or tomorrow. And also to get the hostel form from them to pass to Joyce. Then, tonight, there's er-hu practice.

This Saturday, I am free! Must study for CA though.

Then, this Sunday, I go for an outing.

Next weekend, I go for an overnight trip.

I have to prepare for CSS fellowship on 13 March. That will includes spending time on singing practice and discussion on the flow of the fellowship.

I also need to allocate time for discussion on CA assignment. The presentation is on 12 March. Exactly on the same day, I have to do Techno presentation as well. The next morning, I have to hand in a Lesson Plan. And the full compilation of Life Science work. And at night, is the CSS fellowship, which I am in charge with.

I'm looking at my diary, almost all weekdays are packed with drama practices and er-hu practices. One will be performing on 22 March, another 31 March.

There is still a dinner function on 25 March that me and Gnet might or might not crash.

Educational Technology requires us to do posters and pictures - art things that I am not good at. Thank God for those three makciks yang willing to help.

Lastly, I need to constantly upgrade my pet in Pet Society and toughen up my guy in Mafia Wars. That needs LOTS of time!

I am just back from a two-hour meeting. I'm tired, sweaty and very sleepy. I want to bath to freshen myself up and do some work.

And then I see my pail of clothes. Clothes pile up high.

*Sigh* Saturday morning - laundry time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 'Tyre' Stomach

My greatest-ever-kept secret is that I have a 'tyre' stomach.

Gnet knows.

No, I do not tell her.

No, I do not take off my clothes in front of her and show it to her.

No, I do not wear frightening-unsexy-low-waist jeans that show your buttock lines and too-small-baby-shirt that show your stomach. No, I am a decent dresser. (too old fashion sometimes :-p)

It happened like this.

I was paying full attention to Joyce during the meeting yesterday when Gnet, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my stomach. She actually attempted to tickle me, but it ended up grabbing instead. Talk about someone being pervert here...

Anyway, after the embarrassing grabbing which I have no prior warning, nor do I give her permission to touch my waistline, she said, "Oh, you have a 'tyre' stomach."

And there, my secret is exposed.

The reason I do not go swimming.

The reason I do not wear overly-small-size baby shirt.

The reason I always suck in my breath when I sat and saw my bulging stomach.

I am so going to FAST on food during this Lent season.

On the other hand, maybe I will start tomorrow. Connie and Brenda invite me for dinner.

I am going to eat to the fullest tonight and try to fast tomorrow. Amen.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Notebook

In my opinion, the best movie adaptation from a novel is A Walk To Remember.

I cried watching the movie, I cried reading the book.

Two days ago, I stumbled on someone's review on The Notebook. This movie is again based on the same author, Nicholas Spark. I was so curious, so I went and downloaded it from uTorrent. Thanks to the fast connection, several hours later, I sat down and watched.

To save time, I usually watch movie using 2x speed. Therefore, I use only 1 hour to watch a 2 hour movie. Having subtitles help.

Despite watching the actors and actresses talking and moving extremely fast, it is still a tear-jerker movie. If I watched it in normal speed, I would be bawling my eyes out.

Very much recommended to people out there. For people who love PS I Love You, The Notebook is a better romantic movie. :-p

But A Walk To Remember is still the best tear-jerker movie I ever watched. The Notebook is my no.2. PS I Love You is not even in my ranking list.

*There are so many movies in my laptop, I wish I have the time to watch. Haih...

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