Friday, July 4, 2008

Thanks Jimmy

I seldom go and read other people's crap in their blogs, but some are must-visit blogs.

Jimmy's 'titleless' blog is one of those that I go frequently. People, for his blog link, see my blog list - Jimmy Tang.

And lately, his entry is totally awesome. He puts some old pictures and it makes me so nostalgic. Here are some of the pictures that I have 'stolen' from his blog.

I love and enjoy all the camps that I have joined...

During after-SPM holiday, I used to start my day with a morning mass, breakfast, then go back home sleep.
Where I learn that my acting is really terrible. Christmas act.

After seeing all those pictures, my instinct was to grab my photo album and relive the old memories. But I am currently not at home, where my photo album is placed. *must remember to look at my old pictures during September holiday*

My phone just vibrates. It's Amek aka Yieng Ching's birthday today. Happy birthday dear!

And night to all. I have a long day tomorrow. God bless all!

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-Vivs- said...

Mei Fon, u know ah mek's contact no?

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