Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gnet Part II

I admit that I am a lousy blogger.

Too lousy.

I now tend to only READ other blogs, then either I copy their pictures and paste them into my post, or I simply link them.

For now, I am linking. Again.

To Gnet's POSTS.



It's the EXCO planning session (EPS), where we all stayed overnight at Steph's house. Coincidentally, it was Gnet's birthday so we had fun 'bullying' her. And bullying some others. It had been a long time since I last laughed so hard for one's birthday celebration.

Most memorablely, we all had created a bond. A bond that was already there before the EPS and was further strengthen during the stay over.

I can't wait to go back hometown and show all the crazy pictures to my family!

Once more, CSSUKM rocks!

1 opinions:

Gnet said...

haha thank you seahorsey.
CSSUKM definitely rocks!
bet ur mum pun ketawa berguling-guling later. haha
when wanna take the pictures? hihi

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