Monday, May 11, 2009

I Am Back To My Roots

Dear my beloved niece.

Hello, I am your auntie. I am your very young auntie. :-p

Anyway, it has been three months since I last saw you. I was in KL completing my last semester in my degree. I looked forward to come back and see you.

You have definitely grown since I last saw you! Your mother told me that you weight 3.2kg already. Be good in there now and wait patiently for the right time for you to come out, ok?

When I first touched you, I felt a rush of love in my body system. I have fallen in love with you without even seeing you yet! You will have so many people loving you in this life, so make us all proud!, I wasn't kicking you. It was just a random photoshot.

I was really excited waiting for your arrival. There will be much to see and learn. There will be much pain and love too.I am amazed by the wonderful way you are created.

This is your uncle. He loves you unconditionally as well!

Other than looking forward to see you, I was looking forward to see Ah Bien too, your mother's pet dog. Ah Bien doesn't remember me well after three months not seeing her. :-( However, Ah Bien is one retarded, stupid and funny dog. You would enjoy playing with her.

There is another pet dog too called Lucky. This dog is friendly to everyone, including strangers so he is useless in protecting the house. However, you should be wary of strangers. The world nowadays is dangerous and not safe.
Oh, by the way, on that day, it was Mothers' Day. When you come out, you must remember this important day and treat you mother nicely. Your mother, your uncle and me planned to buy a cake for dinner for your grandmother. Your grandmother is great. I am proud to have her as my mother.
Happy Mothers' Day, mom!

Missing you already. Can't wait to hug you. See you soon.

3 opinions:

Gnet said...

kesian rejected by ah bien
memang itu budak is one retarded dog!
bark but tidak garang pun. hahaha

Alice said...

ahhhh now i figure out where does this "ah bien" come from in your pet society. Haha

~dolph~ said...

yealo...rejected by the dog..:D hehehe. cute la lucky..=).....your sis is sweet!!*_^

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