Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gnet

Today is Gnet's birthday. Happy birthday!!

Gnet, I am glad that I get close to you during my days in UKM. You are one fun and understanding friend. Sometimes, I do smile by myself when I reflected over our days. LOL.

I know I am weird sometimes to you. LOL. I am looking forward to our next meeting in September because I do have lots of things wanna share with you.

Enjoy your day today. God bless!

On the other hand, I miss you all crazy bunch of friends a lot.

Miss the teasing, the jokes, the fun.

Time has come for me to move on to other place, but I am proud that we have shared the memories before. We had had fun before.

Continue to be crazy people. Fill your life with laughter and look young always (like me).

And here is Connie's clip, specially created for Gnet's birthday celebration. The video brings so many memories back that I almost teared watching it.

I am proud to have known you all. :-)

2 opinions:

~dolph~ said...

Yea, same here..=) feeling terharu when watching the clip...thinking back those memories we had together and making me remember of those days where hil, alpert, hwa, pat, mark, james ~ we get how close....all of u graduated making me feeling kinda lonely..hahaha...abit emo here...:D

4th year feeling no energy and no motivation to attend anything, not dare to go out at night anymore...haha...i can feel the difference though..:D anyway, wishing u great days ahead..:D

Gnet said...

awwwwwww :')

Thanks me dear! see you soon!!

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