Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Is Happening To Me?

The coming Chinese New Year holiday does not excite me.

Things lately in life, despite going great, no longer excite me.

I can't visualize my future. I no longer know what I want, where I will be.

I am scared of losing the fighting spirit in me. Work is, well, just work. Where is the passion?

There are times when I would not mind if things happen to me, because I no longer have anticipation in my life. 

How is it possible that I can sink so low?

What is happening to me?

3 opinions:

Walt said...

Hey.. gald to c u 'here' again.. Wassupsista? Life couldnt b to bad, rite??

HAKIM said...

be strong dear.i know u are born to become a fighter. keep fighting on...luck will always be by ur side if you don't give up on hopes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, keep it up. You are always outstanding lah.


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