Friday, June 13, 2008

AirAsia Vs MAS

MAS and AirAsia are now currently busy promoting their own airlines. I support AirAsia. For those who have keep with the news, you should know very well that MAS use pretty dirty tactics in luring customers.

When KLIA was officially launched several years back, there was simply not enough runways and gates for AirAsia to land their planes. Hence, there is a constant delay in their flights schedule. Since KLIA unofficially belongs to MAS, it is without doubt that their planes were given more priority than AirAsia.

But the people said AirAsia service is lousy and the flights are always delayed.

Bad news die hard. AirAsia seldom faces delay anymore after the toil and sweat to build a new terminal (LCCT) is finally approved by the government. Until now, I still listen to people saying that AirAsia service is unsatisfying. Years ago, that is true. But now, not anymore. During my many experience with AirAsia, my flights were never delayed.

Before LCCT was constructed, AirAsia, seeing that KLIA is insufficient to provide for huge amount of plane traffic, and therefore proposed to use/buy/rent the Subang Terminal.

Government says NO. They said that they aim KLIA to be the main hub for planes. This purpose would not be achieved if AirAsia moved to Subang. They claim as well that since Subang is nearer, more customers will be attracted to AirAsia and MAS business might suffer. Instead, the government intends to change Subang Terminal into a place to fix planes.

Yet, now, Firefly (belongs to MAS) is currently operating at Subang, with advertisement splashing all over the national newspaper saying - 'And we are nearer - at Subang Terminal'.

MAS has a new plan. Following AirAsia's steps, MAS is slashing their flight price as well. And at the very same flight route where AirAsia is promoting zero fare as well. There are so many other flight routes, yet MAS decides to go all out to steal customers from AirAsia.

AirAsia has limited flight routes. They are facing difficulty to get approval to fly some route for their competitor does not want them to steal all their business. Dirty tactics.

Today, I saw a red advertisement promoting zero fare to go to Bangkok. My first impression is that it is another promotion from AirAsia. Looking closer, it is actually a promotion from MAS Airlines.

Such copycat. Scooping so low...

Shame on you MAS. Go AirAsia!

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