Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If I ever had the chance to observe a teacher trainee, I must remember to motivate her/him besides simply commenting on her/his method of teaching.

Last Monday, I was observed, and I did not do so well, which was expected. So I have two full pages of comments on how to become a better teacher.

I must say that I was really down that time. I didn't blame the lecturer because what she said is true.

But the thought to change profession does cross my mind. For a moment, I was telling myself, "Why do I choose to become a teacher? I am terrible in this! Why not engineer, doctor, accountant, lawyer?"

The things that I had learned in college doesn't apply here. First, in college, using a projector is counted as a teaching aid. But it is impossible to do so here. The projector and laptop are in a special room, and there are only chairs without tables. Learning cannot be done.

Secondly, students normally have a hard time to understand what you are talking about in English. Most activities like presentation cannot be done smoothly.

Thirdly, the students are either too noisy or too passive. The micro teaching in college never prepares me to face such problem as the 'fake students' are simply too brilliant and good.

Today, my mentor observes me. I still does badly. (can I actually become a teacher?) But she gives me some motivation together with the comments, so I don't feel too bad.

Being a teacher trainee, there are moments when I love the teaching experience, there are moments when I dread it because I doubt my ability to teach. I need guidance, advice and motivation - I'm glad I have an excellent mentor.

While doing sit-in in some classes, I enjoy talking to the students and listening to their stories. Listening to students' stories reignites my dream when I was still in secondary school - to be a counselor. I notice that I walk lighter and feeling better after chatting with the students. Even after a good teaching and learning process in a class does not give me such good feelings.

Four more weeks to go.

2 opinions:

JiNG said...

Yo.. u have the teacher face lar.. hahaha.. Good luck man.. hehe.. But being a teacher or counselor is not tat easy.. remember dont ever try to tanam ur dream in the student.. the student have the right to have their own dreams and have their right to archive their dreams instead of urs.. haha.. hope u understand what im trying to say.. especially for counselor.. being a good counselor is not telling them what to do or what is the right thing to do, but to give them consiquences of every action they might take.. let them choose themself.. I believe we last time faced a lot of problems with teacher's opinion rite? use that as a guide to become a teacher diferent than the teacher we dislike last time..

GOD BLESS, Sister.. :P

Bridget Lee said...

hi,jimmy. yeap, i udstd very well what you are trying to say. thanks for de reminder, i almost forgot about that. i shouldn't tell them what to do, but to let them know the consequences of the things that they do. thanks!

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