Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 'Tyre' Stomach

My greatest-ever-kept secret is that I have a 'tyre' stomach.

Gnet knows.

No, I do not tell her.

No, I do not take off my clothes in front of her and show it to her.

No, I do not wear frightening-unsexy-low-waist jeans that show your buttock lines and too-small-baby-shirt that show your stomach. No, I am a decent dresser. (too old fashion sometimes :-p)

It happened like this.

I was paying full attention to Joyce during the meeting yesterday when Gnet, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my stomach. She actually attempted to tickle me, but it ended up grabbing instead. Talk about someone being pervert here...

Anyway, after the embarrassing grabbing which I have no prior warning, nor do I give her permission to touch my waistline, she said, "Oh, you have a 'tyre' stomach."

And there, my secret is exposed.

The reason I do not go swimming.

The reason I do not wear overly-small-size baby shirt.

The reason I always suck in my breath when I sat and saw my bulging stomach.

I am so going to FAST on food during this Lent season.

On the other hand, maybe I will start tomorrow. Connie and Brenda invite me for dinner.

I am going to eat to the fullest tonight and try to fast tomorrow. Amen.

5 opinions:

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

Kak Mei Fon~~~
Mine even worst... Huhu~~~
I'm on a strict diet now and I have lost 6kgs... But still no change, still the chubby Dewi... Ahahaha~~!!!
So, lets us fight for it!!!

Alice said...

haha funny la u
nah dun worry bout the tummy, old ppl tend to say you'll get the opposite size once you gave birth. I have living proofssss~~ enjoy da food while u still cannnnnn

Peace be with you =)

Gnet said...

sooooo that IS your secret!
i have also la.
still confident go swimming leh
its not abt the physical.
its about you going for a swim to keep fit.
macam mana juga mat salleh lantak only pakai one string baju while all the tyres bulging out. :P

Bridget Lee said...

Dewi, congrats on losing 6kg! dat's a lot!

Alice, u wrote - old ppl say u'll get the opposite size after you gave birth? meaning a leaner stomach? so cool one? I wan!! :-p

Gnet, i wan a lean stomach. like amber chia. Lean. Stomach. Amber. Chia.

Anonymous said...
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