Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Notebook

In my opinion, the best movie adaptation from a novel is A Walk To Remember.

I cried watching the movie, I cried reading the book.

Two days ago, I stumbled on someone's review on The Notebook. This movie is again based on the same author, Nicholas Spark. I was so curious, so I went and downloaded it from uTorrent. Thanks to the fast connection, several hours later, I sat down and watched.

To save time, I usually watch movie using 2x speed. Therefore, I use only 1 hour to watch a 2 hour movie. Having subtitles help.

Despite watching the actors and actresses talking and moving extremely fast, it is still a tear-jerker movie. If I watched it in normal speed, I would be bawling my eyes out.

Very much recommended to people out there. For people who love PS I Love You, The Notebook is a better romantic movie. :-p

But A Walk To Remember is still the best tear-jerker movie I ever watched. The Notebook is my no.2. PS I Love You is not even in my ranking list.

*There are so many movies in my laptop, I wish I have the time to watch. Haih...

7 opinions:

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

Kak Mei FOn... I love a walk to remember too... So, if u said that this is based on the novel... It must be great...
Ehem! May I have the movie??? Hihi...
Shayang Kak Mei Fon!!!

QieYaH said...

can i have a copy of the movie? i want2..he2.. :D

Bridget Lee said...

Sure, i baru transfer the movie to my pendrive.
i can pass the movie to u 2molo during class, remind me though. oh, bring ur pendrive too or ur laptop to take. i need the pendrive for my presentation at 2pm


Alice said...

my goodness!! good thing i read ur blog. I m gonna download notebook too~~ love nicholas sparks.. he is forever romantic~~

Alice said...

phew~~ good thing i read ur blog~~ kekeke i wanna watch notebooK~~~ read that book like years ago.. would love love love to watch it~~ thanks for ur review

Gnet said...

I prefer The Notebook than A Walk To Remember!
It's so damn siao romantic!
got ka ppl like that? LOL
brapa kali tgk pun mngangis all over T_T

Bridget Lee said...

Alice, yeap, nicholas spark is such a good writer! and the movie adaptation always live up to our expectation!

Gnet, I still like A walk to rmbr. LOL. let's watch together gnet. i nvr see u cried be4. :-p

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