Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping Spree

It is the end of the holiday. It is time to say goodbye again to my loved ones.

I am sad that the holiday has ended, but at the same time I am also restless for more actions in my working place. Hihi...

So, since I have fixed my mind in settling down for several years in my new working place, it is time to buy all my stuff. Therefore, this morning, me and Miss Chok (my housemate) rushed around Bintulu town like mad women, buying thousands ringgit of stuff as in the afternoon, we had to travel again.

I have never spend so much before in my life. -..-

Here are some of the things that I have bought to make my life in a small, rural town more interesting.

Undoubtedly, washing machine is important! Basuh baju tired oh...(btw, i assembled the washing machine all by myself. I am considering to work as a technicion now as my part time job. Afterall, i can assemble a washing machine all by myself. All my myself. Have I told u guys that I assemble a washing machine all by myself? yeah...)

TV is important. So is DVD player. Astro decoder coming soon. :-) One needs to know the latest E-news, the latest gossip, and the interesting history lessons, True Hollywood Story. The tv is still in the box. No time to open it up yet.

Sorry for the messiness. I just couldn't find the time to clean my room properly as marking students' exam papers are more important. Class starts tomorrow. -.- Oh, I love love love love my double bed. I can guling kiri and guling kanan while tidur. Soon, the grumpy monkey will be joining me. Together we will guling kiri and guling kanan. Guling kiri and guling kanan. Guling guling. The whole night.

Lastly, a refrigerator. To store food. Healthy food.

All the things above only cost RM1650. Cheap right? They are huge and gigantic and are useful in our daily life.

There are someone however who spent RM1400 for tiny, un-spectacular, fragile thing.

:-p Just teasing you dear.

And did I tell you, that I simply love my new room? Love, love, love, love it. Hihi. Presenting for the first time online, here is my room!! *clap clap

My personal bathroom. No need to share. Use by myself and clean by myself.

My room has very very nice rows and rows of cupboards. And I do have lots and lots of things to put inside. I have years to do so. :-)

My table. I love the huge mirror. Except the ugly word - Hak Kerajaan. -.-

Ok, I need to sign off. Tomorrow have to wake up early. God bless all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gnet

Today is Gnet's birthday. Happy birthday!!

Gnet, I am glad that I get close to you during my days in UKM. You are one fun and understanding friend. Sometimes, I do smile by myself when I reflected over our days. LOL.

I know I am weird sometimes to you. LOL. I am looking forward to our next meeting in September because I do have lots of things wanna share with you.

Enjoy your day today. God bless!

On the other hand, I miss you all crazy bunch of friends a lot.

Miss the teasing, the jokes, the fun.

Time has come for me to move on to other place, but I am proud that we have shared the memories before. We had had fun before.

Continue to be crazy people. Fill your life with laughter and look young always (like me).

And here is Connie's clip, specially created for Gnet's birthday celebration. The video brings so many memories back that I almost teared watching it.

I am proud to have known you all. :-)

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