Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Stages of Grief

Loving this one. Truly helps me to see how my life has been and will be. It takes courage to go through all these, something that some people do not have.

1. Denial - First, you did not want to listen to it. You ignored the symptoms though it was obvious. You accepted the lies because you wanted to believe that things were still good.

2. Anger - Truth came out. Anger. Harsh words are uttered. I am still in this level.

3. Bargain - You try to put some rules so that things will remain the same, or so you thought. I have been to this level and I really need to move on.

4. Depression - Days of thinking 'what if'. Friends and family around while you are at this level will help a lot. Your thought will keep drifting back to the source but as time passes, things will get better.

5. Acceptance - Accept that things are finally over. I hope the day comes soon. And when the day does come, which I am sure it will, I won't even bat an eyelid when I heard about your news. And I will know, that I am free from you, at last!

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