Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly BBQ

I am spoiled staying in Belaga with the weekly BBQ.

Belaga is pretty much a place where there is nothing to do during weekend. No shopping mall to jalan-jalan, no cinema to go watch movies and no interesting food outlets for me to try new food.

Life is dead here in Belaga.

But what makes Belaga interesting, are the people that are there at the same place and same time with me. Those people make an impact in my life. My social skill has been horribly jeopardized before so it is good to know that I am not lacking in that particular skill.

Anyway, continuously for weeks, we have BBQ every week this year. These are the people aka teachers who joined in the craziness.

Andy and Junaris. This place is where they stayed and many many thanks for accommodating us every time we craved for BBQ.

Betty Kong. A crazy lady. Enough said.
Cikgu Ruddy. Betty's husband. Tough on the outside but Betty brings out all the softness in him. A senior teacher in the school where his views and opinions should be respected.

Shirley. My housemate. Good to be bullied. LOL.
Miki aka Standly Kong. The underage member in the group. He is still in secondary school and is Betty's little brother. It is good to have him around so that we can say, "Miki, take the water!" "Miki, bring me a chair!" "Miki, why are you standing here? Go find something to do!"

Me. A good bully.
And usually, KKT would join us too but on that day when the pictures were taken, he was busy with school works and decided to skip this BBQ.

So that night, let me show you some pictures, what we usually do during the weekends.
Firstly, it is important to get the fire started. Guys will do this. We girls, will sit back and chat.But sometimes, it's good to have Miki, so that he did everything, and we sat and chatted. Lol.

Ok, so it's not only Miki. We all play a part in this BBQ. BBQ is all about teamwork and cooperation. Nobody sits around not doing anything. :)
Yummy...yummy...porky porky...barbequed porky is super delicious and crunchy...
The penjaga daging.
Tunggu makan

Showing off her colourful fingernails

The orang gaji

One of the many many fun moments. I should bring my camera with me more often :)
Food and drink. Of course, these are incomparable with those food in classy restaurant, but having good company is always the best thing.
Yes, usually we ended the night with a few drinks. Just a few, mind you. We don't smoke, we don't drink until we lose our head. Just some casual drinks.

It will still take me 3 to 5 years before I can apply to transfer from this place. But for now, it is best I treasure all my moments with these wonderful people. :)

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nelson yap said...

nice to hear from u in belaga. there were no cinema and shopping malls in kuala terengganu too. so most of the time, we ended up in cyber cafe. well, i guess belaga is even worst (in terms of physical entertainment). but the most important part of life is to have true friends around us, doing things together and feeling happy everyday even at work . treasure every moment!

Bridget Lee said...

Thanks nelson. you totally understand. :)

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