Monday, May 26, 2008

Battle of Cars

Battle of cars - Honda and ToyotaVS
Which car is better? Honda VTEC or Toyota G? Both cars cost almost the same. Honda VTEC is only RM3000 more expensive than Toyota.



Honda VTEC
1. The interior is not wood like Toyota but some sort of metallic material.
2. The space is more spacious than Toyota Vios G.
3. The engine is created with new technology therefore the quality and durability of it is still not a certainty.
4. Lower second hand value when compared with Toyota.
5. Most importantly, the spare parts and maintenance of Honda is NOT EXPENSIVE in Malaysia anymore. A new Honda factory has recently opened in Melaka, therefore the cost has dramatically reduced.

Toyota VIOS G
1. Engine is old technology, therefore reliable.
2. Higher second-hand value than Honda.
3. Affordable maintenance and spare parts.

Both cars are equally attractive. So which cars to choose?

In the end, it'll finally depend on the users themselves.

As for my sister, she chooses Honda City VTEC.

Congrats sis, for your new car!

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Just-a-thought said...

VTEC = Variable-valve Timing Electronically Controlled (Honda's engine technology)

VVT-i = Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (Toyota's engine technology)

I dono bout u, but both sounds the same to me. So, wont they both be using the same tech to manage engine power in their car, with the only difference in the name? ;)

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