Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch Me Now

OMG! I finished the above series several days ago and I am still thinking about it!

The series is so so so captivating. Everyday for two weeks, after back from school, I immediately downloaded the latest episode which only take an hour and I would be having my late lunch while watching the series.

The earliest part is the best part. However, as the series progresses, it gets a bit mundane, with not much action. So it is not surprising that the ratings do not get as high as D.I.E (another TVB series).

But I still love this series.

Why is it so interesting for me? Mostly because of Damian Lau.

He's old, but he knows how to act! He has hold so many roles and he did them all so well.

So I look his bio up in the net.

He is born in the year of the ox. Same with me.

He is a Roman Catholic. Same with me.

He is a Libra. Again same with me.

Then I read somewhere that he acted in a gospel series named "New Born". The series is about Christianity as well as appreciating the new born babies. So I downloaded the series, and as expected, he is superb.

I love him! :-p

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