Saturday, May 10, 2008

Starting My New Life

I arrived Jia Yi's house at 1300 on Friday, 9 May 2008.

Her house will be my shelter for 8 weeks.

At night, her parents were back from work and they greeted me warmly - "Make yourself at home," they both said.

And so I do.

The house is very near everywhere. In 5 minutes (sometimes less) bike journey, I can go to
1. Digi Specialized Store - to pay my bills
2. Shell Petrol Statin - to feed my bike
3. Photostat shop - open till 10pm, the cheapest around Pandan Indah (according to Jia Yi)
4. The Store - shopping centre
5. Dozens of eating outlets - for my stomach

So, all my basic necessities can easily be fulfilled.

And the school that I am going to for practicum is just 15 minutes drive away. Carrefour Ampang is also around that length.

Tomorrow morning - first day of practicum.

*heart thumping, palm sweating*

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