Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam Week

Now is the exam week. It is the time when people should bury their noses in their books.

Because *some people* have been telling me not to disturb them during exam week, I bought dozens of instant noodles, expecting lonely lunches and dinners.

Those dozens of instant noodles are still in my cupboard.

I should know earlier that they need to eat too despite busy with their studying. So I ended up still going out to have lunch or dinner with them.

Anyway, these few days I stayed in the library. It had been very hot days lately, and my hostel room is not conducive enough for me to study, to sleep, or to play computer games.

So I stayed the whole day in the library. With the makciks. The air conditioner is a blessing during hot days.

So there were times when we were too boring in the library. Or a sudden craving for munching stuff.

We 'seludup' food into the library though it is not allowed.

We played simple games when we were bored studying.

Today is damn hot again. I miss the library.

p/s There were some matters that had been bothering me for days. During one of the laughing sessions with the 'makciks', I suddenly realised that I should be enjoying the present, and not the past. So damn all those memories. It is the present that matters.

5 opinions:

Gnet said...

simple gamess ahh.
very 'the good' ah in the library.
want me to report not?
give me those two students' names please. and yours.

you are right. like i always said, "screw screw screw those things" though it sounds wrong.

i like sounding wrong. yuck.


Stephanie said...

u guys did that in the library??? fun... i wanna join! ! :)

Hakim said...

wanna join u guys doing study group but then so malu with ur other friends..but i also berkampung in ptsl recently...hope to meet u there so that we can discuss about EA together...

Bridget Lee said...

gnet - report ur head ah. i'm expecting more snacks ahead in the library :-p yes, and screw and damn those things.

Steph - come la, come la. but i hope i didn't give u the impression we play all the time. no ah. we are very SERIOUS when it comes to studying.

Hakim - I JUST REMEMBER!! don't we have a date tonight?? so sorry. me and my old memory. i will replace it with some other days. u in ptsl as well? let's have lunch some day then. kekeke... and EA ah, i haven't start oh. lol. but i will be happy to share with you when i started studying :-)

joyce said...

Haha..mana si steph nie who said want to join us???tak nampak pun lolx..=P

yea, brid, dump away all those stuffs.....*_^

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