Sunday, April 19, 2009


I spend the whole day in the library today studying for the coming exam.

Yes, I am proud of myself. :-p

I went with Brenda at 10am. And stayed until the library almost closed.

I was in deep concentration studying when I heard Brenda started to mumble to herself. That is normal since I know that different people have different learning styles.

Then, I started to pay attention to what she was mumbling. My, it was interesting. :-p

Some of the stuff she mumbled.

"Oh, I see..."

"Like that.."

"Ok, ok"

"...(mumble indistinctly)..."

"let's try this over again..." followed by rigorous rubbing with an eraser.

She is very animated. LOL

She continued to mumble.
"Brenda!" (calling her own name!)

"Oh, stupid!"

"Stupid me!"

At that very moment, I wished that I was not in the library.

Because it would have made me feel so good to shout at her...

"You memang stupid ma! You don't know meh? Stupid your head ah!" LOL

No offense, but that is simply the way we usually talk. Or is it the way I talk?

Love you still, Brenda.

Happy exam to all!

6 opinions:

crabby said...

thanks alot bridget @.@

~dolph~ said... worries la.....we kan biasa with this way of talking dy?only CLOSE friends can be like that..:D hahaha...bren, should be proud even if BRID SHOUTED your name then..:D hahahahaha

all the best to all my great friends!!!!dun worry, u guys are in my list of the greatest friends i ever had....:P

Bridget Lee said...

crabby/brenda - you are very much welcome.

joyce - i'm glad to get to know u too as great friends. come to swak when u have the time. I will bawa u ard for the best tour ever. kekeke..

~dolph~ said...

hahaha....sure sure bridget...:D I will go to sarawak one day before i grad..:D

Stephanie a.k.a Starfish said...

hahah... at least she tak sleep k?

that day we study togather, she tido :p

Gnet said...

it is the way YOU talk.
I talk very lembut and ladylike gitu..

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