Monday, April 13, 2009

I Wish I Have One More Year...

The last year in UKM has been the most fulfilling year in my life. I was busy running here and there - with outdoor activities, society activities and assignments. As I sat down and reflected over my experience in this one year, I am satisfied as these was the time that was most well spent in my life. Yes, definitely most well spent.

I wish I have one more year in UKM.

But I can't as I am bonded in my studies. I need to work as soon as I graduate. I would have like to continue my studies in Master full-time in UKM but this is impossible.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would learn more about different Chinese instruements in Orchestra Traditional UKM.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would join the Ballroom Dance UKM.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to serve CSS longer.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to visit the places that I have not visited yet.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I would like to get to know more new friends through activities.

I wish I have one more year in UKM. I could not leave my crazy friends. Yet. It's too soon. It's too fast. We have just started our journey together. Our memories together are just too few and not enough.

I desperately wish I have one more year in UKM.

Because in 26 days, there are some people that I might never see again in my life. Because in 26 days, there are some people that I won't be seeing in regular basis. Because in 26 days, I am saying goodbye to the things and people that matter to me.

I damn wish I have one more year in UKM.

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Haelius...Hailey...Hai Li... said...

sob3....sedih...~~bridget, I will oso miss u so much...
anyway, gudluck in everything u do...God will always be with you,dear...:)

Conee said...

life is too short...

though too little time for us to be together... at least we had all the quality times together... and that is the most important thing. sometimes, it is better to be like this, it is better that we feel we need more time to be together because for me, then you will remember all the good times that we had together and it will be always in my mind and my heart... something that i will share it wif somebody one day, as someone said... it is good for us to leave when people still love us soooo much... rather than we leave because people don't like us anymore...


Bridget Lee said...

thanks hailey! i will miss u too, pious guy! :-p

conn, i beg to differ. i still feel i need more time. Not only time for those crazy friends, but because i discover i learn so much and grow a lot this one year. UKM offers lots of chances that you can learn at an affordable price compare to outside. I realise that for the past five years, how boring my life has been!

So yes, I still wish I have one more year...not for the people, but for myself.

Joyce said...

Hi Brid...haha...kinda feel what you are feeling right now even i have one more year to go....because of the friends i met...for 3 years we all together but then suddenly within one month, everyone will not be seeing each other that often anymore...But that is life dear, as what conn said, we should be grateful to leave when people love us so much rather than to leave when people dun love us..=)

I know you will find ur ways out to overcome all these..=) Good luck dear, we will have to keep in touch and the main thing will be the cssukm annual dinner......we shall make that as our annual gathering..*_^

Bridget Lee said...

Reality bites.

And it bites real hard.

oh..annual gathering ah?? i thought i'm gonna change my number so that i am unreachable? LOL

miss u lo joyce..when we going out and meet?

Gnet said...

hurm haa hurm again another emo one from you
but it's the 'fack' what. :D

and this reminds me i still owe u an affirmation.

26 days and counting hoh..

Conee said...

yeah... need time for u urself... ok lor... ignore me lor... *huh*

*tired merajuk... baik pegi makan*

Walt said...

Wow.. am impressed tat u find it hard to step outside UKM.. While I'm lookingforward to leave, u r just the aderwise.. hahaha.. nway, gambate.. ol da best Cikgu Mei Fon..

eiLe3N said...

aaa... I'll definetly miz u dear..
Miz the time v spent together...:)

Stephanie said...




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