Monday, February 18, 2008

17 February 2008

On 17 February 2008, me, Lyd, Hakim and Mul rented a car and wnet to LCCT to fetch Maria who had just touched down from Kuching. We had done this car renting business several times while we are studying in Ukm and all the experiences are truly memorable. This time is no exceptional from gaining more experiences.

First, we went for schools hunting. We were posted to different schools for our practicum so we would like to visit the schools earlier, just to get to know where it is and how is the environment. We found Mul's school - SMK Cheras Jaya (correct ka?), Lyd and Maria's school - SMK Tasek Permai and my school - SMK Bandar Baru Ampang.

Then we went to TV3 Sri Pentas. I learnt that the rules there are so strict that most of the employers are unable to drive their own cars to work as no parking space is provided for them. Only certain cars can enter the building. Hakim went there to ask about tickets (I am actually still not sure what ticket and why) but since it was a Sunday, the person in charge was absent, so we left, not before taking a few pictures though.

After dinner at Burger King Wang Utama, we were at lost where else to go. But Hakim and Mul came to the resuce. They knew that something was on at Istana Budaya. Therefore, we decided to go there. It is a concert and it is an amazing concert.
The performers are...
After the performances, we get to take pictures with some celebrities.
To end it all up, we were standing at the grand staircase of the Istana Budaya.
Then it's back to UKM. It's time to return the car. But the night is still early, so we go Fariz for late supper.

Life in UKM - it will be interesting and memorable if you make it so.

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