Wednesday, February 20, 2008

According to research, I am officially fat!

Currently, there is a free fitness test held in Education Faculty UKM. As usual, not wanting to miss anything that is free for all, I decided to sign up for it. So at 3pm, I arrived at the gym and started first by measuring my fat body.
Using a fat calliper, a lady pinched me as hard as possible and use the calliper to measure the amount of my fat. It was a bit painful but I do realize that my waist does seem to have a bundle of fat...
The Fat Calliper

After the pinching session, I proceed to the questionnaire answering. I have to admit here that I wasn't answering it truthfully. Some I simply fill in because I was too excited to know how I fair in the measurement. It's the numbers that concerns me.

I finished the questionnaire in record time. After I handed it in, I was instructed to wear an electronic device at my chest to count my heart rate as well as a watch to show my heart rate. It's kinda cool. It's interesting to see my heart rate fall and rise. As a matter of fact, I am thinking right now to get one..just for fun. Anyway, I was then taught how to do the step test after 3 minutes of rest to know my resting heart rate.
The speed of the step test is 88 beats per minute. I was told to do it for 3 minutes. Quite easy - I thought. It turned out to be wrong. 30 seconds before it ended, I was breathing heavily and wasn't following the beat correctly. My right leg was so tired that every new steps take a great effort. My resting heart rate is 78 beats per minute but when I was finished, it was 185 beats per minute. After 15 seconds recovery, it still stayed at 181 beats per minute. Not good for my fitness/aerobic capacity. :-(

After the step test, it was the end of the fitness test. I was shown of my result, which was truly shocking.

My BMI is 20.93, therefore it's normal. My fitness is only on fair level (there are not fair, fair, good, excellent, very excellent). My waist-to-hip grith ratio is at a dangerous level, my result has shown that I have A VERY HIGH RISK of diseases such as hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, endometrial cancer, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis (whatever these mean lah...)

However, the lady was more surprised with my body fat percentage value. Apparently, it shows that I am fat. In sequence, body fat percentage is like this - leanest, lean, leaner than average, average, fat, very fat. So, when my result shows that I am fat, it is shocking. Surprising. Appalling.
This picture shows a very fat man. Meanwhile, I am not fat, or so I thought. I have always see myself as an average size. The test begs to differ though. The lady who measured me did not believe the result and asked to measure my body fat once more. Just like her, I choose not to believe that I am fat and that there was so mistake in the measurement, so I agree to be pinched painfully again for the second time.

The second time measurement, I am still fat. Yeap, still, definitely fat. The lady looked at me (with sympathy eyes?) and kept saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I felt like receiving a terrible new in the hospital. It felt like she was saying, "I'm sorry Miss Lee, but it seems like you only have 2 weeks to live. I am so sorry. Sorry. Sorry."

I need to lose weight, exercise, and take good care of my life. There is still so much in my life that I haven't explore. did introduce a slimming tea...

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