Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friday the 13th

I had an accident today. I lost control of my bike and felt down with Lydia near Pusat Bahasa UKM. A lot of girls near the bus stop stood up and ... simply watched. When I fell, three things popped into my mind.

1. Stupid bike!
2. Shit, how's Lydia?
3. Air Asia tickets - need to change date

After I reached Education Faculty, then I had the time to examine my injury.Yeap, it hurts like hell. I just had my bath just now and I dread for another. The picture was taken seven hours after the accident. I wish the wound would dry up quickly.

The nurse at Pusat Kesihatan UKM asked me, "Adik, dah phobia naik motosikal?" Pondering on the question, I realize the answer is a definitely - no, no phobia at all. I still like the rush of winds on my face while driving bike and the easy control of a bike.

What a day!

4 opinions:

- isyairariah - said...

aiyoo...teruk juga accident kamu...no wonder kaki kamu msh sakit...hope u'll get well soon okay!!!!``

shizheng said...

"how was the dog?" Remember that incident? hahaha.. this time i might ask "how's the bike?"

Bridget Lee said...

thanks jen..for ur 'concern'...haha..
just to fulfill ur curiosity, my bike is doing ok now. thanks for asking abt my knee..:-p

Anonymous said...
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