Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life and Death Experience

I was groping around for something to hold but there was none. My breath tank was depleting fast. I began to panic and I struggled harder to stand but failed. My feet were unable to touch the ground. Death hit my thought. I'm too young to die - I screamed silently. Suddenly, my feet touched the ground, and I quickly stood up straight. My face resurfaced from the pool water and I was able to breath the glorious air!!

That is how I learn how to float in my first swimming lesson class. I am still not able to swim...yet. I enjoy the class a lot, except when I can't stand when I wanted to. I guess I am just not graceful enough in water. I kept kicking at the water, but when I stood up, I was still at the same spot. I see myself as a floater expert - a floater, but definitely not a swimmer. Try to imagine, how many of us, when they kicked in the water, can still remain at the same place, unmoved? A feat I believe will remain unchallenged for a long long time... Huh, I am truly an expert floater.

But I don't intend to stay a floater for long. Hopefully, by the second and third class, I would be able to make breaststroke. It's a good exercise as well - swimming. After Chinese New Year, I have gain all those unnecessary fat around my waist. Time to lose it all...

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