Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Third Blog!

This is my third blog!

Yeah, keep changing address for my blog is definitely not good. Especially when a friend just told me that he bookmarks his friends' blog address (including me, of course!) in his laptop. Sweet of him :-)

You see, I used to have, and then I forgotten all about it. Then a month ago, I suddenly desire to blog, so I opened up an account using my yahoo email and was born.

A few hours ago, I tried to log in into Surprisingly, changes all their members' accounts to gmail. This causes difficulty as cannot detect my blog. Although I type in my username as MeiFon, it's my old, first, useless blog address that pop up. There is absolutely no way for me to access my here I am again, with my third blog. Haih...

2 opinions:

- isyairariah - said...

yea!!! i got another blog 2 read...keep updating k...n i'll owez be one of ur readers....

Annice said...

Well written article.

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