Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ungku Omar Karnival Varic-C

It was 1445 and I was learning Chinese. Yesterday, I had my first Chinese tuition class with Tiew Mee and I wanted to do my revision. Chinese characters are so confusing...

Suddenly, I heard a very familiar voice calling out to me outside my room. It was Hakim. He asked me to go watch him sing at my college. So I went lo.

Anyway, before that, this is how Ungku Omar is now with the carnival in full swing.Ayamas booth. Last night, I hang out with Jaime, Pris, Cat, Jey and Emm at here till almost 1am. Some of the food is nice, some not. I found Hakim practising his song here. He was very anxious for his turn. :-)

Rumah puaka. I so wanna go in and experience it last nite, however only Pris obliged. So we ended up, sitting at the Ayamas booth while listening to the screams. It was only opened for one night.

Ok, back to Hakim. So here before he sang.
And while singing.
As predicted, he is in the top five. Tomorrow, he will compete in the final with the other four finalists. Good luck!

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