Saturday, March 29, 2008


I need to promote CSSUKM.

CSSUKM means Catholic Students' Society UKM. It is a group of Catholic students studying in UKM. Due to its small number of students - roughly 60plus, but during meeting only 25 to 35 will be present - you can't hide. Everyone knows everyone.

Because CSSUKM is not as big as PERKEB (another Christian society in UKM) it was at the verge of being 'dibubarkan'. Hence, the need to promote.

Anyway, last Friday, it was the Annual General Meeting. Old excos are retiring and new excos replace them. The new board:

President : Joyce
Vice P : Stephanie
Secretary : Jeanette
Vice S : Ernie
Treasurer Controller : Hilary
Yet to be decided : Excos for Outreach Ministry, Liturgical Ministry, Website Publication Ministry and Music Ministry.

Joyce and her first speech as the president.

Meanwhile, I am one of the excos as well. (just not sure which ministry will I be serving)

To become an exco, one simply needs to sign a form saying they are willing to serve. Clearly, I signed.

And I never look back since. I will give my all for CSSUKM. In that way, I am giving my all to God as well. I do not want to become only Sunday-goer, I want more. I want to serve Him more.

Are you deep in? Cause I am.

2 opinions:

sheeplion said...

all the best! i'm sure there's a need to reap from roots than to water from the top!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget, now baru read ur blog...Is nice to know tht you never look back after you had sign the form...Is really good to get all of you into the new board of committee..Although is a big group of us, i think we all will work things out better and better...Thanks Bridget for ur effort ya...*love..:)


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