Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Magical Experience

I love music.

Therefore I started to learn guitar when I was 17. Then two years ago, I learned basic keyboard skills from my younger brother.

I enjoy instrumental music. Because it is only music without any lyrics, I can have different interpretations towards it every time when I listen to it. It brings out different emotions and feelings in me.

In UKM, I get to know Christine and Brian through CSSUKM (Yes, both are Catholics!). Christine learned piano at the age of five. You can press a key on the piano, and she will immediately know what key it is - C or D or A or etc. (Damn amazing...) Brian meanwhile learned violin when he was in Primary One. Decades of experience, skills and practice, they are the greatest musicians that I ever get to know in my life.

They are practicing for CSSUKM annual dinner this coming Saturday. I get to record their practice. Here they are.

Simply amazing...

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shizheng said...

the first piece was really amazing.. violin is one of the music i feel tat can express someone's feeling to the fullest. amazing.. simply amazing..

oh ya.. not forgetting to comment on the keyboardist also.. it was wonderful too.. the first one again was really really amazing.. both combo.. i give u 10/10

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