Saturday, March 8, 2008

My hair

I used to have really thick and bushy hair. I loved that hair a lot. It's very black and very healthy. Very easy to get oily too. And got lots of dandruff. But still, I love my thick hair very much.Disaster strike after I straighten my hair. Following the steps of many other Ah Liangs, I straighten my hair. I remember I sat for six hours just to get my hair done.
Then, strands of hairs started to fall down everyday. Lots of hairs.

And so i started to be afraid that I will be bald. It has been two years since I last straighten my hair, but clumps of hair still fall down every morning, after washing my hair etc etc. What if I become like this? Ok lah, I know I dun look bald, I look like I have some kurap disease. But it is hard to do Photoshop with pictures, the two colour tones are not the same, I am simply suck in art.

However, back to the point. What if I become bald? Huhu...

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