Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lent Season

We Catholics are now entering the Holy Week of Lent Season. We have one last week before Good Friday arrives. I reflected over the four pass weeks. Have I been obedient? Have I fast and pray enough? Have I been a good example? Sadly, all those questions do not have positive answers.

Hence, on Friday, after the CSS talk, I decided to go to the Adoration Room. It has been years since I last stepped into one. Adoration Room used to be my favourite hang-out place after my SPM. Now, that was years ago... Too many things burden my mind lately, to the point that I seriously need some comfort. I ended up spending an hour - talking to Jesus. Pouring out my everything. And I definitely feel a lot better. Love overcomes everything! And with God's love, so much the better.

Anyway, that was days ago. Feeling much better now. Besides, with assignments mountain piled high, I don't really have time to worry about my insignificant problems. Last night, I went to church with Mark. There was a reading - let me type it out for you.

Matthew 26:52 (the High Priest's slave's ear was cut and Jesus said)
Put your sword back in its place. Don't you know that I could call on my Father for help, and at once he would send me more than twelve armies of angels?

Since I was currently at that time busy doing the translation assignment for Comparative Literature course, I try to translate it into Malay this.

Letak pedangmu balik ke tempat asalnya. Kamu semua tidak tahu kah? Saya boleh panggil saja Bapaku untuk pertolongan. Dan dengan segera, dia akan hantar lebih daripada 12 pasukan askar malaikat.

and the Chinese version...




Sorry, sorry. I forgot I'm Chinese illiterate. Anyway, read back the Malay version, and try to use it in daily conversation. One thing popped into my mind.

Wow...Jesus sure is showing off...

That sentence is show off. Not humble. Couldn't he just said, "Henti, tangkaplah saya." That's all. Why need to put that extravaganza details?

But Jesus is the most humble person you would ever find on earth. He doesn't mean to show off. And a realization hits me.

What is showing off? What is humble? All these are abstract concepts. I might feel that Jesus is showing off, but he is definitely not. We look and judge based on the concept that we learn from the human around us. And that is how it is with human relationship. The things we say, the action we do, we might meant no harm, but others might have interpret it the other way round. They might have feel offended, malicious and discomfort.

So what to do? I don't know also oh. If people wanna think that way, we can't stop it right?

In conclusion, live simple, be simple. May your Lent Season is a fulfilling one this year. And wishing you an early Happy Easter!

2 opinions:

shizheng said...

hi bridget, didnt know u have a blog til u msg me in frenster.

regarding jesus showing off o not.. this is my point of view.. Jesus was born to actually tell people of the greatness of GOD which is His father. Jesus was born to tell the world about his Father. and when jesus said that verse.. he was showing the greatness of the Lord but knowing it all.. he decided tat if God would have want it.. GOD would have done it.

Well, i guess it's showing off the greatness of God rather than the greatness in himself.

Happy Easter :)

Bridget Lee said...

Oh...nvr see it from dat view. Thanks!

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