Monday, March 3, 2008

What does the future hold for Malaysia?

I heard a shocking news today. There are rumours that riots might happened after the election. The news figuratively makes my heart stops beating. I felt like I had just receive death news from someone closed to me.

Apparently, according to my source (if it was correct la), the current situation is that the opposition holds a stronger chance of winning this general election. These few days, I have been reading newspaper fervently, and I notice a glaring question. Where is he? Our current Prime Minister seldom hits the headlines lately, which I think is critical with the election days just around the corner. He should say something, do something to promote BN and to build confidence among the people. But hell,where is he now? Hence it is no surprise that the opposition currently holds a stronger chance of winning.

I am not into politics. I think politics is full of lies, conceit and avarice. But I am definitely into Malaysia's peacefulness. After the election, I am scared that 1969 will happened again. I am scared that we won't be able to enjoy the peaceful life we have now. I am scared that we won't be a multicultural and multiracial country anymore. I am scared that once the evil is unleashed, people life will be taken for granted and killing will pursued. I am truly scared.

Friends have advised me to stay in my room for this weekend. It is simply too dangerous to go outside since we won't know what will happen this weekend. My wish now is that, whatever happens, it is for the best for Malaysia.

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