Saturday, March 29, 2008

To-Do List

By the end of 2008, I intend to achieve all these.

1. My Chinese characters vocabulary should widen significantly.
I'm having Chinese class lesson with Tiew Mee. By the end of this semestar, I aim to finish the Year One Chinese syllabus and move to Year Two this July. I'm giving myself eight years to be fluent in Chinese reading. Then to politics, here I come!

2. Should be able to swim
As a teacher, I do not know where I will be posting to. Might be rural area or near beach area, where the possibilities of drowning is very high. Learn extra skills to equip my life is good also, right?

3. Watch TVB drama series
I have downloaded tons of TVB drama series thanks to the fast wireless connection in my room. I might move to a room where there won't be anymore internet. But do not sweat, I found a plan - Celcom broadband with an affordable fee every month, I can have unlimited download! Then I will never miss out on TVB series anymore.

4. Learn er-hu - a Chinese instrument
I found the class, thanks to Christine and James. Alpert also willing to lend his er-hu to me. Class begins next July.

5. Learn hip hop dance
Next July starts. A good way to exercise.

6. Gain lots and lots of experience through CSSUKM
To grow spiritually. I am already starting to love the activities and the people in there more and more.

7. At least one vacation with Alvin.
Seriously dear, we need vacation. I give you time till the end of 2008 to plan one, ok? :-p

8. Blog frequently - at least five posts every month
Although with such low rating of readers, I aim to continue to blog. So that years later, I can read back and laugh at myself.

So can I achieve all these?

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