Thursday, March 27, 2008


Friends are God's way of taking care of us.

Tonight, I had just spent hours of chatting with my hometown friends in their hostel. We started with simply talking about our current life, how our family and boyfriends are doing, etc.

Then of course, the best part comes. We talked about our secondary school's life. I had forgotten a lot of things, and they reminded me of it. I had a good laugh at my own ignorance and stupidity in the early years.

Some friends come and go. Some friends are there only during the good times. I am blessed to find friends that know the 'stupid me' in the early years and still accept me for who I am now. I can't go back to secondary life anymore, but I can always revive it when meeting up with my schoolmates.

I love Sarikei. I love the people there. I love the fact that despite so many years, we still are together as friends - through the ups and downs.

Next year will be our last year in UKM. And Kim Ling will be joining this July. I sometimes wonder how it will all turn out for us after graduation.

But one thing for sure. During my wedding day, please do come back from wherever you are and help me bully the groom. I promise you a big packet of angpow. :-)

2 opinions:

dono-who said...

izit? ur getting married? when? i promise i'll b there when u get married ;p

Bridget Lee said...

if u r who i think u r, then i think u will definitely be there n play a very impt role!! hihihihi... :-P

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