Wednesday, October 8, 2008

15 Weird Things

Gnet asks me to do on 15 weird things about me. So here it goes.

1. I dislike drinking lots of water. And this is because I am lazy to go to the toilet. Somehow, I feel that going to the toilet is a waste of time. (But I can spend hours playing computer games...) Therefore to prevent going to the toilet frequently, I naturally drink less water. Weird ah?

2. I talk really fast. So fast that I had seen students gaping at me in the classroom, trying to catch my words. And when I stopped a while, smiled sweetly and said, "Class, am I going too fast?" A thunderous reply - "YES!!"

3. I drive really fast. Minah Rempit, that's what some people called me. But I would like to object. Minah Rempit connotes those who drive dangerously and I drive very safely. VERY SAFELY. Selamat...dan cepat.

4. My heart melts when sees someone sleeping. Humans or animals, when I see someone / something sleeping, my heart melts and I feel abundance of love and care comes rushing through. I will start tip-toeing and doing everything quietly.

5. I am a nervous freak. I am always scared that I will miss the bus, I will lost my way, I will be late to a function etc etc. This is proven in Genting trip when I was worrying on lots of stuff but the other crazy friends like Brend, Con and Cyril make it all right for me.

6. When I do not get enough sleep, I become grumpy. I won't smile in class, ignore everyone. And I will speak only when spoken. Grumpy me...

7. To be continue - got class now.

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