Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dreaming Away

I wish...

Oh, how I wish...

And I am determine to make my wish comes true.

2 opinions:

Gnet the Squid said...

go go chiayo! as pat wud said. hihi
oh bridget, i'm offering to 'pimp' up ur planner. u mind?
the mind is full of 'brilliant' ideas now.
so if u want, i'll do it for free.
if the front one will be too bling2, i'll do the behind one la.
pleeeaasseee? =D

Bridget Lee said...

Yes gnet!! i'm very happy if you are willing to do dat for me! keke..then i pick the right colour for my planner...haha.
as your 'salary', i bring u to a 'romantic' place one day for lunch. Rmbr the time when Steph and u guys send me to the airport and we so wanna eat cincau and laksa at the stall near UKM entrance? keke..dat's the place i have in mind.
oh, just do the front 'bling bling'. then i can bring it with me for one year around, show to my students, show to the new ppl that i am going to meet. haha...

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