Sunday, October 26, 2008

Earn Your Money!

I checked my email and noticed an email from Joyce. She suggested me to join a website called YouthSays.

So, I entered the website to browse through. Apparently, answering several surveys will earn you several cents. I thought that it was worth a try. However, when I tried to log in, the website requested my full name and my ic and my phone number! Those are like the three most important info that shouldn't be shared in the net!

But the thought of earning money by answering a few surveys are tempting. So I went to Google and 'googled' the website. There has been no report on stolen identity through the website. As a matter of fact, the website was promoted in TheStar newspapers some time ago. One can also check on the website' owner and read his blog.

So, sensing everything was ok, I signed up. And I answered several surveys. My income has now reached to RM0.65! Not bad for a day work, just by clicking.

Anyway, for those who wish to join the website, please do. It is easy money to earn. To enter the website, do you notice this thing on the lower right corner of my blog?
Yeap, when you point your cursor over it, it will become something like this.
Just click on it, and you will be directed to their website. Sign up and start earning cents! Or simply click from the link in my first paragraph.

Oh, by the way, if you click from my post, you are helping me to earn Rm0.20. Thanks for help!

On the other hand, I love this picture. Since 2008 is coming to an end soon, I awarded this picture The Most Favourite Picture 2008 in my life. LOL. The picture is great, the heading is greater but the memories we shared are the greatest.

5 opinions:

Gnet the Squid said...

i'm earning like a few cents already too!! haha
heard abt this youth says but as always procrastination is my bestest friend and i kept on saying "nantilah i do"
well, not until joyce sent me the email. i immediately went to the website and earned a few cents!!! haha
few cents matter eh. think abt those in the 3rd world country ouh?
btw, i love that pic of ours too! well, any other pics pun ada their own significance. im loving every single one of it! =P

~dolph~ said...

Haha.....enjoy your online survey job ya....=) glad i m able to help..=P really nice pic la weh.........hahah...too bad the pretty dolphin is not in the pic..:D

Crabby ^^ said...

weee i also wan to earn money la =P
btw... i love that pic also!
credits to gnet!!

HAKIM said...

hi mei fon, i miss to hear new stuffs from you...btw i have given you an award for further info please visit my blog at

Gnet the Squid said...

updates pls!!!!!

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