Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sushi King

The bonanza Sushi King was here!

It started from 13 October to 16 October 2008 (Mon to Thurs).

I went with Tiew Mee and Amy to MidValley to meet up with Akee while eating sushi on Tuesday. The line was very long! After an hour, we were finally seated. And sadly, not a lot of choices are available at that particular Sushi King outlet.

On Wednesday night, it was with some of the CSSUKM excos! At Alamanda! The service was way better and lots of choices are available. We ate till very very full and very very satisfied.
The boss at the Sushi King Alamanda is super nice to us too. He treated us an extra plate!
All this for only RM2 per plate!

On Thursday afternoon, I went again with Jia Yi to Alamanda Sushi King. More choices are available! Since it was in the afternoon, less peop;e were there.
I ate plates and plates of this - Ebi Prawn. My favourite! For only RM2!

Three days in a row of Sushi King. And now...I'm broke.

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