Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Langkawi anyone?

Lately, my mind has been very busy with lots of 'brilliant' ideas on where to go/visit/sightseeing.

And to have a bunch of crazy friends that are always ever so ready to go makes all the planning worthwhile.

Like Conn said last night, "It is when I am with you guys I get to try so many new stuff!"

So, with my crazy friends, I have ventured to Genting Highlands, Sushi King, Melaka, Cheras, temples and all the gatherings to many different places have been super fun. We do a lot of silly stuff and when we talked about it, we 'memang' will laugh till 'perut pecah'. Play golf, Sunway Lagoon, KLCC bridge, Port Dickson camp are next to come. And many more!

Anyway, I was browsing around when I see that 3 days and 2 nights stay at Langkawi (flight included) is only RM250. My mind starts to run fast on who to 'ajak'. It was cheap! My roommate who has been to Langkawi numerous time agrees with me.

So people, Langkawi anyone? The date I'm thinking of is next sem study week. 13 to 15 April 2009. Please, please, have a last gathering before I graduated.

*currently thinking of purposely failing a subject so that I can extend one more semester to be with my crazy friends.* *SLAP FACE! Wake up from the ridiculous thought!*

Ah well, like my so many other plans, this might fail or it might be a reality. Anyway, memories that I have with you guys can last for a lifetime. *the pictures that we took eats up all my hard disk space!*

Ok, stop being emo.

Back to my question, Langkawi anyone?

4 opinions:

Gnet the Squid said...

I WANT!!!!!
but but sis n i are planning to go during cny holiday oh..

Viv said...

haPpy BurthdaY! U lost in Facebook?

Bridget Lee said...

hi, vivian. thanks for the wish! haha, i seldom log into facebook and friendster now. so yes, guess i am lost :-)

Little Moo Moo said... with blogging world

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