Friday, October 24, 2008

Definitely A Night To Remember

It was Brenda's birthday.

Me, Conn and Gnet (yes, you are very much included) cracked our heads to think of evil plans to 'bully' Brenda.

Afterall, Brenda is the youngest, the manja-est, the cutest among us all. So it is only right to bully such people. No?

Anyway, we thought of lots of evil plans. And we had so much fun that night. I remember laughing so hard that tears trickled out from my eyes and there was pain in my stomach because not enough air in my body (busy laughing so no time to breath).

Well, I can't write well enough. But do read HERE. Because Gnet, once again, put everything into wonderful writing!

On the other hand, I guess I won't be updating my blog for a long long time. But I will continue reading others' blogs! It is a way to keep in touch ma... This is because I will be quite busy with lots of things that are coming into my life soon.

So do keep in touch!

2 opinions:

Gnet the Squid said...

lol thanks a lot Seahorse. all the best in the upcoming exams! hoho

Little Moo Moo said...

u kawin ka? tak jemput pun.

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