Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not Any Normal Day

I thought my birthday will be like any normal day.

I thought on that day, life will go on as usual.

I know that I am only one of the millions and millions of people out there and I am insignificant when compared to the world.

But just when you least expected it, it turns out to be a great day.

I slept early, around 130am after replying all the birthday greetings from friends. *My wish for all those senders, may what you wish to me, occur to you guys as well!*

Then at 630am, I heard my roommate was talking to someone in the room, right next to my bed! First, I was a bit irritated - I dislike strangers to see me sleeping. I opened my eyes to see who the person was...

Presto! My whole room was lit with candles! I saw Amy and Tiew Mee standing next to my bed and they started to sing Happy Birthday song! The day was still dark, so my room looked really pretty, the atmosphere really touching! After singing, they asked me to blow out each and every candles. They had put candles on the top of the cupboard, on the window, on the table and chair, so I had to go around the room to blow each of the candles!

Then they took out Pringles and one big box of ice cream to eat. So with our empty stomach, we all sat down and eat ice-cream. *after that, I got stomachace the whole day!*

But it was the best birthday I ever had. The time and effort that they had spent to plan all this means a lot to me. Thanks Tiew Mee, Amy and Jia Yi! I 'baru' realize our friendship has been 12 years old! That is one solid friendship!


I called my dad.
Me : Hello dad, bla bla bla...
Dad : Bla bla bla...
Me : Oh, by the way, today is my birthday.
Dad : (long silence)....Oh, ya hoh. I forgot!
Me : Dad, can I request a birthday present?
Dad : Oh, happy birthday to you ah. (my dad a bit pekak :-p)
Me : No dad, can I request a birthday present?
Dad : Oh, I do not have any present for you oh.
Me : No dad, can I ask you to buy something for me as a birthday present?!?
Dad : Oh...OHH. What do you want?

Yeap, I am one muka tebal girl...

I request my dad to sponsor half of the 'fund' needed for me to buy a new erhu. He agrees! So a new erhu coming up!


With CSSUKM excos. Joyce that night was super crazy. She suspected that she took wrong medication. Possibly! LOL. After mass and dinner and a cake, we went to MetroPoint for karoake session. And we sang, we screamed, we jumped, we waved, we did all kinds of stupid things! Oh well, didn't I mention earlier in my post that I have a bunch of super crazy friends?

It was one tiring day when it started as early as 630am and only ended at 2am the next day. It was, however, a wonderful day. A day when I look around and see that I am blessed to be surrounded by friends. A day to notice that I am a year older and to be thankful with what I have. A day of reflection on the things that had happened in this one short year.

And a day when I realised that I am not insignificant afterall.

Thank you to all those who have played such a part in making my birthday celebration such a blast! It is at the moment, the best birthday celebration I ever had. God bless you all!

*There are some pictures but the pictures are not with me now. If I feel like it, I might post the pictures up. See how la.*

4 opinions:

Nyet Congek said...

he2..have u read my blog..special entry for you. i've nothing to give. huhu

Gnet the Squid said...

You had a great birthday! You deserved it!
I'm happy to hear that we made yours and Hil's day. Hil actually msged me and said that he had not been celebrating his birthdays for years. So, our karaoke session means a lot to him.(that explains all his shouting...haha)
I'm EXCESSIVELY happy that you both are happy. =D

HAKIM said...

meifon, happy birthday again from me to you...sorry i have nothing but only love and prayer for your success in your futures' plan...miss talking n gossiping with you.take care...

Bridget Lee said...

zack - Thanks for ur entry! Apis is like one big baby, need to be taken care of all the time, rite? :-)

Gnet - Yeap, you all made our(Hil and me) day! Btw, today (20Oct) is Hil's bday! Happy bday Hil! Waiting for Brenda's one this Wednesday nite. Hey, someone should prepare flour. Let's repeat the history that occur at Steph's house. :-p

Hakim - Hey, no need to say sorry for anything. Do i look like i want anything...? LOL. Your thought and message and love and prayer mean more than enough to me. :-) all the best in ur career too in the future. Hope to c u in tv in sometime soon. :-)

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