Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amazing Race

On 11 October 2008, I joined Amazing Race with four friends, so there were five members in a group. It was organized by Tiew Mee's church.
After registration, we were still very excited with the upcoming race. So we decided to shoot photos.Five MYVIs for each of us! No, we did not drive one car each during the race. We were just fooling around and took pictures.

Soon, it was time to start our race. Some of the obstacles that we faced:

1. We were given five barcode numbers and to look for the objects at Billion Supermarket Semenyih. We only found one. The team leader took a pity on us and let us go when all other teams had already left.

*In this task, one of us was asked by someone, "Hello, are you playing the amazing race? Which tv station are you from?" After reassuring that we are not from any tv station, she proceeded to ask, "Oh, where is the camera hiding?" -_- ||*

2. Then, we proceed to KFC Kajang and were given a list of questions, like what is the phone number of Dental Care Clinic? What shop has the registration number of 573629-M? Again, it was hard! We spent one hour and a half to answer all the questions correctly.

3. Kajang commuter is next. We were to 'naik' from Kajang station, went to Serdang, then came back Kajang again. Meanwhile, we were given a list of IQ questions to answer. I could not contribute anything since everything is in Chinese...

4. Then we went to Tong Shen to have lunch. Part of the task - we must eat!

5. Metro Kajang was next. We received several cut-off pictures and to find the whole picture. We finished the task quite fast too, since the public gave much cooperation.

6. We went to MetroPoint next to play bowling. We should scored 60 points per game, but we only scored 49 points (My balls masuk longkang twice!). So we were punished to wait for 11 minutes.

7. We then went to a football field somewhere. A football player will kick a ball and we must save seven balls out from ten balls. We won the task! So we no need to chew on four hard sugarcanes.

8. We went to Casa Villa apartment swimming pool. Nope, the task is not water-related. Instead, we were given things to eat. Like a box of tauhu raw, two big white onions, two big red chilies, one cup of really yucky green drink, dried bread, chocolate liquid and RAW PIG INTESTINES! We chewed, chocked and gurgled.

9. Then we went back to our starting place and the race is finished!
We are in the seventh place out from ten teams. Not bad. At least not last. Haha...

The five pairs of legs that had ran, jumped and walked for the whole day during the race.

There was a small party waiting for us when we reach back to the church. But how can I eat after consuming all the revolting things??

Being in the race enlights me a lot. I am a fan of Amazing Race Asia AXN and is rooting for the Malaysian teams. I grew impatient when teams made mistakes. Now, I realized how hard it is to actually been in a race.

Plus, my group consists of students from Education Faculty - we are all teacher trainees. And they are so fun to be with and crazy. They joke, laugh, and talk non-stop throughout the race. Where do they get the energy from? We are definitely the most boisterous group that day!

It was truly an amazing race.

3 opinions:

Gnet the Squid said...

must be very plucking frustrating. heehee
i love amazing race too.
mauk join ka? both of us. next time. hahaha
*slaps self*
terlalu berangan-angan!
what am i babbling about.
oh take care u! =P

Haelius...Hailey...Hai Li... said...

o gosh!!!
veerrryyy syok lh u join dis race...!
must be very interesting, ya?
hehehe!!!!kalah2 fear factor eh....raw pig intestine???my goodness...~-_-""

Bridget Lee said...

Gnet - Thanks!
Hailey - Haha, yes, the race is interesting. :-)

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