Friday, October 10, 2008


Tonight is one busy night.

It first started off with Hailey messaging me to fetch him from Zaba to Pusanika for CSS fellowship since there was no bus. So I stopped practicing my erhu, left the room half an hour earlier than expected and went to Zaba.

Then, I was to show the road to Pusanika to Father George who is coming to the CSS fellowship tonight. So at 730pm sharp, I waited at the UKM entrance door.

Cars zoomed by. I strained to see if it is a brown Saga and the plate number is XXXX. My eyes blurred, I started to get headache by watching the cars sped by. Twenty minutes of waiting, and soon Father George arrived.

A very interesting fellowship soon started. After the fellowship, Conn 'ajak' me to go to the jamuan at Zaba. Free food! So I 'bawa' Gnet and we were on the way to Zaba when suddenly my motorbike died.

Just like that. I was driving 40 km/hour and then my whole engine just died.

So I pushed my bike. And pushed. And pushed.

And Gnet walked by my side. And walked. And walked.

To Burhan College.

Gnet made a call to Conn, and she came to meet us.

A 24 hour mechanic soon came and fixed my bike. Hours passed. Still no sign of my bike's resurrection.

As it was getting really late, Conn sent Gnet back. Conn then came back to accompany me, she was too worried leaving me all alone there. Fifteen minutes later, my bike was fixed!


But it cost me a whooping RM140!

Money doesn't really matter because on that night, I learned something more precious.

I learned that Conn and Gnet are truly wonderful friends. Despite the many mosquitoes biting Gnet's legs and her craving for Horlick cakes at the jamuan, she does not complain but stays with me. Conn could go back Zaba and enjoyed the free jamuan, but choose to stay with me instead.

So people, I am blessed to have these two wonderful friends in my life.

Thanks Gnet. Thanks Conn.

10 opinions:

Gnet aka The Squid said...

aaww sweet. teeheehee
we are applying the things we learnt before that night bah.
His values or values of the world.
Friendship = His value
Kuih horlick = World values(Gluttony)

Gnet aka The Squid said...

btw joyce was worried about you too. =)

~dolph~ said...

Hi Bridget, heard about that from Gnet.....thank God that you are ok with your bike fixed.....

Yea, we will get to know who are friends during the difficult moments..=) Congratulation that you find out..=) Take care o..=P

Bridget Lee said...

Thanks gnet, thanks joyce. well joyce, i know without doubt that you will do the same place if you are in the same place with gnet and conn. I have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people. CSSUKM rocks!

Bridget Lee said...

And yes gnet, wonderful explanation on His values and the world's values :-)

~dolph~ said...

CSSUKM Rocks!!:P

Haelius...Hailey...Hai Li... said...

hmmm....really touching...
luv dis post....anyway thanks 4 da ride dat day....cayang bridget!!hihi!!

Bridget Lee said...

You are very much welcome hailey! just for you, anytime, anywhere i will give you a ride :-)

catryn said...

Happy Bday MeiFon... HeeHeeeHeee

Bridget Lee said...

Hi cat! thanks for your early birthday wish!

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