Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 April 2008

After class, I drive straight to Alamanda Putrajaya.

I reach there at 11am. I walk quickly to the newly built GSC cinema located at the plaza level. The line is staggeringly long.

But the service is quick. So in half an hour, i have my free tickets within my hand!

Ok, so what is the rush all about? In conjunction with GSC cinema new opening, they are giving free tickets for five days starting from Saturday. So Wednesday is the last day.

So I watch National Treasure 2 and CJ7 for free! I am so happy that I can't stop myself from smiling while walking into the hall!

At around 1845, I start my long way back UKM. I do not know that there has been a heavy rain, so...
My way back to UKM is flooded. I do not know if there is other alternative roads. The day is getting darker. So, I call Mr. Mul - the man who knows it all. I get my direction and I reach back UKM safe and sound.

Plus, for days I have been waiting for confirmation concerning a certain matter. While I was watching National Treasure 2, she messaged me and said yes!!! So another happy event for me on 2 Apr 2008.

Lalalalalalala... (*happy*)

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