Thursday, April 10, 2008


There is a row of doors in front of her. Some are close, some are open. Occasionally, when one closes, another will be opened for her.

There is one particular door that she likes. She spends many hours, many years inside it, savoring the moments and enjoying the companions inside.

One day, as usual, she visits the door. She is surprised to see that it has been closed. She thinks that it is only temporary so she doesn't do anything.

As days go by, she begins to get more and more worried. She knocks the door. The door is opened, only slightly ajar and the people inside talk to her in a very unfriendly manner. But she keeps knocking the door, hoping it will open wider as days pass. But the day comes when the door is not opened at all.

She shouts, bumps the door loudly - still it remains silent. She begs and she cries - and still the door is closed. The chaos that she is creating started to attract the attention of other people from other doors. They come out from their comfy place and comfort her.

She ignores them all, her only comfort is when that particular door is opened for her. Days...weeks...and months go by. The door is silent.

People from the other doors continue to comfort her. Slowly but surely, she sees them, and feels their concern. She starts to accept their help and starts venturing into their doors.

She sees that she has a lot of other doors, that all these years she has ignored. She knows that she is one lucky gal to have so many doors open up widely for her.

She is coming to terms with the closed door. Instead she is going to enjoy the best there are in all the other open doors.

When one door closes, lots of other doors will be opened for you.

3 opinions:

Anonymous said...

Go ask yourself why those doors are closing on u. If not, those newly open doors will also be closing on you in the future.

Bridget Lee said...

Wow..gee thanks. I guess you must know me very very really well to immediately able to say that it is my fault that the door is closed upon me.

Bridget Lee said...

hi anonymous, i do care about what you say. i will try to change some things then :-)

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