Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was supposedly to hand in the poster at 2pm, during Miss Dhaya's class.

This morning, I received a message saying her class was canceled. I continued my sleep. At 11am, I went to print the poster, but due to my carelessness, I forgot to put the file into my pen drive. So I went back room.

I reach room at 1140. While I was transfering the file into my pendrive, it suddenly occurred to me that Miss Dhaya had said to hand in from 10am to 12noon if there was no class. Sh#t! 20 more minutes.

I rushed to the shop, forgot my jacket in the rush. It's almost noon, the sun was bright and painful to my skin. After waiting in line for few minutes, I printed out the poster. Then a thought hit me. The poster is in A3 size, I can't fold it, so how to bring it back UKM? My bike doesn't have a basket. Letting out a sigh of desperation, I just stuff it into my sling bag and rushed to Pusat Bahasa.

I put my poster (a bit remuk already) into Miss Dhaya's bag at 1205. First time in my life, I hand in an assignment late. Ouch...

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