Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today, I am going to talk about people's appearance...

So, let's talk about me first.

My face comes from these two people.
This morning, I was walking to Dr. T. Subahan class and met Anis and Oliv. Anis asked, "Why do you look so sad?"

I was not feeling sad or anything at that very moment. I was at that moment, simply being 'feelingless'.

This is how I look when I am being 'feelingless'.
No wonder people thought I am always angry/sad all the time. Sadly, the above picture is how I look when I was relaxing...

So, how ah? Should I change into these?

Hmmm...better not. I will look like I lost my mind, walking around with faces like those.

I will just stick to my 'angry and sad' face.

Next, Emmelina yesterday went to the Mines and then she went straight to choir class.

When Emmelina entered the class, the lecturer asked in a very surprised tone, "Where are you from?"

Emmelina smiled sheepishly (from my POV). During the practice break, the lecturer was still so intrigued that he walked towards us and asked again, "Are you just back from a party?" Emmelina answered, "No ah, we just back from shopping ah."

Why all the questions? Simply because Emmelina was wearing a bit too smart.
Or either it is because students just don't wear like this to class, to UKM lecture class lah.


3 opinions:

Anonymous said...

Wah....I got big boobs. Now I should wear this more!

Bridget Lee said...

haha..i try to refrain myself from typing it out..but since u urself confess. yes, de outfit does enhance dat certain spot more...:-p

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